Yerevan city vote: Oppositionist explains reason for quitting coalition party

16:23 - 20.04.13

Gagik Baghdasaryan, a former lawmaker of the Rule of law Party, who
now heads the campaign headquarters of the Barev Yerevan (Hello
Yerevan) bloc, says he quit the coalition party on grounds of
ideological disagreements.

`I was in the Rule of Law when it was an opposition party and appealed
to an Armenian to build a country of law and justice. I am the bearer
of that ideology today,' he told, adding that the party has
now departed from the principles declared.

Instead, Baghdasaryan expressed more trust in Raffi Hovhannisian,
whose Heritage party coordinates the Barev Yerevan bloc.

Asked to what degree he is certain that Hovhannisian will not depart
from his ideas too, the politician said he makes no doubt about
Hovhannisian's devotedness.

`He had more opportunities to be part of the government than did [Rule
of Law leader] Arthur Baghdasryan. He had chances to join the
authorities and guide himself by the principles dictated, to which I
disagree' he added.

Such a scenario, according to him, would prevent Hovhannisian from
realizing his proposed reforms to a full degree.

The politician doesn't think anything can force the Heritage leader to
choose Athur Baghdasaryan's format of collaboration with the
authorities (after the 2008 presidential polls and the tragic
post-election violence that claimed 10 lives, the Rule of Law leader
accepted Serzh Sargsyan's proposal for joining the government and was
appointed secretary of the National Security Council).

`He [Raffi Hovhannisian] moves ahead to build the kind of country he
imagines. And that will very soon turn real,' he noted.

Speaking of the municipal council elections, Baghdasaryan said their
top candidate, Armen Martirosyan (Heritage party's vice chair), has
very high chances for being elected a mayor. He said he expects
Martirosyan to be the kind of mayor proposing his unique style and
approaches to the Yerevan resident.

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