21:59 ~U 22.04.13

The time of the Republic of Armenia expires. The neocolonial ruling
regime's activities have exhausted Armenia and its people, reads a
statement posted on

To avert an imminent disaster, the people, aware of vote rigging
due to their inner wisdom, as well as of the fact that, sponsored
by the neocolonial bosses, the criminal regime's chieftain would
fill the presidential post, decided, however, to take the chance of
pseudo-elections on February 18, 2013.

By casting their votes for a candidate who is a bearer of a new
political culture, inspiring hopes for system reforms in the country,
the people not only proved to be alert to the impending disaster -
the country cannot wait for another five years and will not have
any resources for recovery - but also displayed their readiness for
organizing themselves and waging a national liberation struggle,
expecting the political circles and individuals claiming to be
concerned over the country's destiny to present clear views, programs
and political proposals.

However, that willingness for struggle was disregarded. The opposition
political forces did not respond to the popular opposition and will.

Rather, they remained asleep and continued pursuing narrow interests
within the homeland-destroying system. The resultant political vacuum
caused disastrous emigration rates.

Armenia can be led out of this disastrous situation only through
mobilization of all its national and civil resources and focusing
them on a program of building a new state the Armenian citizens are
worthy of.

The Preparliament, aware of the imperative to lead the country out of
this ruinous course and of its program of building up and developing
a state of new quality, undertakes an initiative to launch a national
liberation struggle.

The Preparliament is ready to cooperate with all the healthy forces to
implement its program of popular movement outside this parasite system,
forming and legalizing alternative government bodies and, through
changing power without any shocks, establishing a new Armenian state.

To make the first steps, the Parliament is inviting rallies in Gyumri,
on May 9, and in Yerevan's Republic Square, at 7:00 pm, May 17.

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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress