Will Prince Charles Open Mount Amulsar?The press reported that the Prince
of Wales Charles will visit Armenia late in May. His visit will be
facilitated by the ex-Prime minister of Armenia Armen Sargsyan who is now
based in London.

A few years ago Armen Sargsyan and Prince Charles organized several
fundraising campaigns for Yerevan My Love Project. The purpose of the
project was preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Armenia.

It is possible that the prince arrives to declare the launch of charity
projects funded by the foundation. This January space was allocated to the
foundation near the church of Kond in Yerevan. According to this plan,
three buildings will be built there, one for the needs of children with
hearing problems, the second for sole mothers and their children, and the
third will be an institution adjunct to the church which will provide free
spiritual services.

However, it is not ruled out that Charles's visit will coincide with the
launch of gold mine of Amulsar.

A few months ago the ex-prime minister and ex-ambassador of Armenia to
Britain Armen Sargsyan was appointed head of Lydian International. The
company is the founder of Geoteam which explored Amulsar gold mines.
Armenian environmentalists are struggling against exploitation of this mine
thinking that it will inflict irreversible harm to the environment.

It is the biggest gold mine in the region. There are an estimated 75 tons
of gold, the mine will be operated for 16 years. The company will invest
400 million euro, create jobs and social infrastructures. However, under
the existing legislation it will be the next mine from which the citizens
of Armenia will get only miserable taxes to the state budget. In fact, the
U.K. will use the gold of Armenia.

The British princes usually leave for Baku and other oil countries to lobby
the interests of their own country. Now it is Armenia's turn. Apart from
honors to the royal glamour Armenia must assess both the economic and
environmental risks of operation of the gold mine.

On May 28 Prince Charles will take part in the celebration of the Republic

Naira Hayrumyan
14:55 26/04/2013 Story from Lragir.am News:

From: A. Papazian