03.31.2014 15:17

A repeat forensic examination into the case of Lilit Nalbandyan, who
fell into a comma after giving birth in May at the Vanadzor Medical
Center and has since been on life support in Yerevan's Erebouni Medical
Center, completely rejected the claims that there was no medical error
and the patient had thromboembolism. This was conveyed to
by Helsinki Association for Human Rights representative and Lilit's
attorney Arayik Papikyan, based on whose motion a criminal case was
launched last year.

The re-examination results showed that had there been proper
supervision by medical staff, the deterioration of the woman's health
might have been detected on time.

"It's palpable that the first conclusion contains obviously false
conclusions: doctors' numerous shortcomings and omissions are
undeniable -- the patient does not have thromboembolism. Moreover,
the first conclusion claimed that the thromboembolism was confirmed by
examining the chest at Erebouni Medical Center; meanwhile, according
to the conclusion of the re-examination of the clinical data and
and the examination conducted at the Erebouni Medical Center, Lilit
Nalbandyan was not diagnosed with pulmonary embolism," said Papikyan.

According to Lilit's attorney, the experts who arrived at the first
conclusion knew quite well what they were signing.

"They wanted to maintain 'professional loyalty' and save their
colleagues from criminal liability. But they didn't take into
consideration the fact that Nalbandyan sustained severe irreversible
damage to her health. Till today, for more than 10 months, she has
been in a coma and there is almost no hope of recovery," he said.

Based on these facts, the attorney petitioned the General Prosecutor
of the Republic of Armenia to launch criminal proceedings against the
draftees of the forensic examination commission conclusion appointed
on May 31, 2013: docent G. Harutyunyan, PhD; Professor, RA Ministry
of Health chief expert R. Abrahamyan; Professor I. Malkhasyan, PhD;
and expert G. Gafaryan.

"At the same time, considering the fact that operating physician
Davit Shahverdyan and anesthesiologist Alvard Hayrapetyan with their
wrong actions, and later also their inaction, did not fulfill their
professional duties, leaving the patient in danger, and did not provide
assistance, which led to a life-threatening situation, we petitioned
to have them charged under RA Criminal Code Article 128 (abandonment
in danger) Section 2, Article 129 (failure to help a patient) Section
1, and Article 130 (failure to implement or improper implementation
of professional duties by medical and support personnel) Section 1,"
said Papikyan.