In a March 31 article titled "Armenians Wake Up to the Truth: Turkey
and NATO Behind Ethnic Cleansing in Lattakia and Kessab," Christof
Lehmann wrote that "Turkey has regularly facilitated
the entry of armed terrorist groups into the Kessab area in Syria's
Lattakia province. An Armenian M.P. who visited Syria is calling on
the world to wake up to the fact that thousands of extremists have
crossed the Turkish-Syrian border and that missiles were fired from the
Turkish side of the border. Armenians, who have long been looking at
NATO as an ally and partner realize that the war on Syria, including
the renewed ethnic cleansing of Armenian Christians in Syria is part
of a long-term NATO strategy."

Mr. Lehmann further reported: "The Turkish MP, Mehmed Ali Ediboglu,
visited the border crossing at Yayladagi after heavy clashes erupted
in the region on March 21. Ediboglu stated that the Turkish military
allows and controls insurgents' moves while they are crossing the
border to and from Syria. After Turkish F-16s shot down a Syrian
fighter jet over Kessab last weekend, spoke with eyewitnesses
in Kessab, who reported about the presence of Turkish special forces
operating on Syrian territory in cooperation with the Turkish backed
terrorist brigades."

The residents of Kessab call on all Armenians and all of humanity
to realize that the Erdogan government stands behind the military
campaign, the ethnic cleansing, and the massacres. The Armenian M.P.

Arman Sahakyan and Kessab residents call on the UN and governments
of other countries to take action to protect the people in Lattakia
province before it is too late.

In an emotional appeal, conveyed by the Armenian M.P., the Kessab
residents stressed: "All we want to do, is live. If you ignore this,
we will all die a horrible death at the hands of these terrorists,
by being butchered in cold blood like many other Armenians in Aleppo,
Yaakoubiyeh, Ghnaymiyeh, and around Syria. ... Those who you call
'rebels' are extremists who came to Syria for jihad with many
nationalities in it like Afghans, Chechen, Saudis, etc. Kessabtsis
and all of Syria, saw them and were attacked and killed by them. The
media can`t hide the truth forever. You can't manipulate the lives
of people forever. Those who you call 'rebels,' were targeting and
attacking civilians. Wake up, please."

Mr. Lehmann underlined: "Armenians, who have long looked at NATO
as an ally and partner, are waking up to the stark reality that
core NATO member states, including Turkey, USA, UK and France, hold
responsibility for the engineering of the war on Syria, which was
planned long before the first protests erupted in 2011. .. The town
of Kessab is currently in the hands of the foreign fighters. The
Syrian Arab Army has launched a military campaign to dislodge the
mercenaries, which is being complicated by the presence of Turkish
F-16 fighter jets over the area and Turkish special forces that
are fighting alongside the foreign fighters and direct artillery,
missile and tank fire against Syrian Army positions."

He concluded: The US State Department stated that it was concerned
about the people in Kessab, Lattakia and everywhere in Syria where
people are suffering from violence. Meanwhile, the USA provides
advanced surface to air and anti tank missiles to the insurgents
and maintains a joint intelligence and command structure with the
mercenary brigades."

"I hold the United States, U.K., France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar
fully responsible for the atrocities committed against Christians
and Armenians in Syria, because they are the ones training, arming,
and supporting the so-called 'rebels.' The civilized world must reject
the murderers who are masquerading under the guise of regime change
to impose their radical rule in Syria. The Syrian people deserve
a democratic government; however, I fear that the foreign fighters
who have infiltrated into Syria are far more barbaric than the Assad
regime. I believe that regime change should come through peaceful
negotiations, not beheadings and suicide bombings," said today Harut
Sassounian, Publisher of The California Courier in a written statement
released to a Turkish media outlet.

Far from being repentant of the Armenian Genocide, Turkey, under the
leadership of Prime Minister Erdogan, is again targeting Armenians;
is again causing their death and dislocation, wrote

"Armenians are once again refugees due to the Turkish government like
their ancestors who fled the Armenian Holocaust decades ago. There has
been no mention on the BBC of NATO's open support for Al Qaeda groups.

The attack comes in the backdrop of mass rallies against Turkish PM
Erdogan, who recently banned Twitter," wrote Mimi Al Laham of Land
Destroyer Report.

"Armenian Christians are once more fleeing from the aggression of
Turkey and not surprisingly the Western nations sprouting international
law at the Russian Federation are dead silent. Indeed, NATO Turkey is
allowed to occupy Northern Cyprus, cleanse Orthodox Christianity and to
create Turkish settlements based on their conquest; to enter Northern
Iraq in order to attack the Kurds when it pleases the elites in Ankara;
and NATO Turkey is allowed to be a base for international jihadists
and a zone for supplying military arms to terrorists, sectarians, and
mercenaries, that fight against the Syrian government. Therefore, the
recent involvement by Turkey in the cleansing of Armenian Christians in
Northern Syria appears to be one long continuation of past misdeeds,"
recently wrote Ramazan Khalidov and Lee Jay Walker in Modern Tokyo

In late 2012, when NATO foreign ministers gave the go-ahead to deploy
Patriot surface-to-air missiles in Turkey under the pretext "to
protect from any spillover from the civil war in neighboring Syria,"
most probably knew that Turkey's Kessab invasion was impending -
only waiting for an opportune time.

There is no question that Turkey has been part and parcel of this
whole conspiracy against Syria. They have moved high-level missiles in
Turkey to the border with Syria. There are also reports of coordination
involving the rebel organizations that have been fighting with Syrian
government through Turkey as well as other countries throughout
the region," recently underlined Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the
Pan-African Newswire.

It is a [coordinated] policy on the part of NATO [the North Atlantic
Treaty Organization], which Turkey has been a part of since the early
1950s. The US, which founded NATO and in many ways still coordinates
its activity, has been pressuring all of the [NATO] member states
to take a hostile position against Syria. If it had not been for
the intervention of anti-war forces within international community,
the war in Syria would have been much further, stressed Azikiwe.

According to a March 29 news account in, Turkey has been
paying $5,000 for each killed Armenian in Syria. A Syrian Armenian
survivor recounted: "Turkey is a participant of all this which wants
to perpetrate the second genocide in Aleppo. Once I went to bring food
and fuel from Aleppo with another guy. We were warned to leave Aleppo
with the ID card of a Christian or Muslim Arab. We found a Christian
Arab who was a little like me, and I took his ID. The car was stopped
and checked by the rebels several times on the way to the neighboring
villages of Aleppo. They asked us if there are army soldiers or
Armenians in the car. We certainly said no. Being asked the same
question for several times we asked why they ask this question. One
of the rebels said Turkey promised to pay 1000 dollars for each killed
army soldier and 5000 dollars for each killed Armenian."

The Syrian Armenian survivor continued: "The Armenian district is the
target of snipers. ... The rebels are keen on the Armenian districts.

What allows for hope is that the Armenians have united at this hard
time independent from their party affiliation. Armenians abroad send
money, food. ... Half of Armenians of Aleppo have left the country ...

hoping to return as soon as everything ends. Most of them prefer to
stay, noting that Syria is their home, and they will live both good
days and hard days and will not abandon their homes."

Apparently unsatisfied with the results of covert Turkish policy of
spreading death and destruction in Syria, NATO and its allies and
especially Turkey went public with their 'designs' for the Syrian
people in general and recently very specifically, Syrian Armenians.

Now it is a fact that Kessab, one of the last medieval Armenian cities
in the Mediterranean basin, is being illegally occupied by Turkish
proxies in Syria.

No matter how much Ankara and Ottomaniacal Turkish PM Erdogan, and
his lunatic Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu deny the facts, there are
ample proofs. This is not the 1915-1923 era. There are now all kinds of
communication and electronic documentation means. Erdogan's government
has de facto exposed Turkey to a fresh wave of civil lawsuits arising
from acts of violence and crime against humanity by terrorists coming
from the Turkish border.

To unified Syrian Armenians' credit and well-coordinated armed
self-defense and neighborhood patrol, Aleppo's several districts --
Nor Kyugh (New Village in Armenian), Suleymanie, Vilaner and Sheik
Taha where they live side by side with Arab Christians, as well as
Muslims, remain free of foreign terrorists' intrusion making the area
a model arena for successful Pan-Arab Syrian Nationalism.

However, Kessab's story is such that reportedly no such widespread
self-defense mechanism has been implemented. No one knows why. Some
observers think that Syrian and Kessab leadership may have thought
that the Armenian town maybe an exception to the case. But why think
that way? Armenian and other Syrians in Kessab should have emulated
Aleppo's indomitable Syrian Arab nationalist districts.

Many Armenian activists feel that, in a way, Kessab debacle and
catastrophe should serve as wake-up call for world Armenians and
especially Armenian Americans. Under Muslim Brotherhood-inclined
PM Erdogan, Turkey's proxy invasion of Kessab has already angered a
sizable segment of the international community.

It's noteworthy that while most Americans broadly say the U.S. should
honor its obligation to defend NATO allies from a hypothetical Russian
threat, they are less likely to say that some individual NATO nations
are worth defending, according to a late March Huffington Post/You Gov
poll. The survey found that only 20 percent to 29 percent supported
defending Turkey. That's troubling for warmonger neo-cons and Turkey's
cronies in Washington.

But Kessab will not be liberated merely based on sympathy. It will
require determination and sacrifice on the part of all affected parties
and especially world Armenians. No amount of protests and petitions
can help liberate Armenian town of Kessab (Kasab) if it's not coupled
with concerted efforts. It is high time that Armenians 'put their
money where their mouth is' -- in other words MEAN 'business.'

How can Armenians as a transnational community convince themselves
that US State Dept., and warmongering US Congressmen like CA-28th
District Representative Adam Schiff are sincere in their 'condemnation'
of Turkish barbarism in Kessab when in fact behind closed doors
they're secretly funding, arming, and training the extremists
Islamic terrorists in Turkey; and facilitating their invasion of
Syria via Turkey?

Armenians should not undervalue their transnational status by resigning
to be mere protesters and reactors as opposed to being a proactive
force to be reckoned with. It's about time that Armenians take on a
more decisive political role to secure the physical defense of their
kinsmen in Kessab, today; and possibly elsewhere, tomorrow.

Not one single Armenian should be left to his fate. It's high time
that Armenians re-implement age-old understanding -- 'All for one,
one for all!'

Any force that messes with Armenians must be held accountable
preemptively. They should not initiate post-crime punishments against
perpetrators. They should identify the elements before they commit
another crime against humanity. Remember the yea-sayers and naysayers
during the Artsakh liberation war?

When the Syrian crisis erupted and degenerated into full scale
international terrorist invasion four years ago, not one single
Armenian organization came forward with the premonition that one day
Kessab would become target of renewed anti-Armenian genocidal Turkish
state policy.

The reason Kessab survived as an Armenian town is because it ended up
on the Syrian side as a result of French partitioning and bartering
others' lands in secret dealings with the 1930's Kemalist Turkey.

To the credit of hospitable Middle Eastern countries and especially
Syria and Lebanon, Kessab became one of three independent Armenian
municipalities in the entire region of Middle East. The other two
are Ainjar, Lebanon and Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon.

Armenians shall remember the lessons learned from the 1895
Turkish-executed Hamidian genocide against Armenians causing the
loss of 300,000 innocent lives; the Turkish-executed Adana ethnic
cleansing against Armenians causing the loss of 30,000 innocent lives;
culminating with the 1915-1923 much larger-scale Turkish-executed
Armenian Genocide causing a) loss of one and one half million innocent
victims; b) massive loss of ancestral homelands in Western Armenia
and Armenian Cilicia of which last remnant has been Kessab.

It's only fair that NATO Turkey's 2nd genocide against Armenians
should engender the revival of the 2nd Armenian Foreign Legion.