Syrian Arab News Agency SANA, Syria
April 2 2014

Apr 02, 2014

Capitals, (SANA) The armed terrorist groups' aggression on the
mostly Armenian-populated city of Kassab on Syria's northern border
with Turkey has elicited strong local, regional and international
condemnations and rage especially that the aggression has been covered
and backed by the Turkish government of Erdogan.

Venezuelan Committee for Solidarity with the Struggle of the Arab
Peoples and Peoples of the Middle East against Imperialism condemned
the aggression, launched by multinational mercenary terrorists backed
by the Turkish army against Kassab city in Lattakia.

The Committee said in a statement that these assaults aim at opening a
new front against the Syrian people and their leadership, condemning
targeting Kassab city and its residents, who are of Armenian origin,
in a new phase of the genocide against Armenians launched by Recep
Tayyip Erdogan's government.

"The Committee strongly condemns the criminal policy of Erdogan,
the small agent of imperialism and Zionism in the region, as it
supports the Turkish people's struggle for toppling him and suing
him for the crimes committed against the Turkish and Syrian peoples,"
the statement added.

The Venezuelan Committee saluted "the brave Syrian Arab Army soldiers,
who offer their souls for combating the new terrorist aggression
against Syria."

The opposition Change and Liberation Front in Syria labeled the March
20 Turkish aggression on Kassab as "a blatant direct interference"
in the line of the crisis in Syria.

The Front warned in a statement issued from a meeting of the Front's
representing parties that Erdogan's government is playing "a dangerous
game from which Turkey will not be unharmed".

Meanwhile, various Lebanese Islamic and national parties issued
a statement denouncing the Turkish government's involvement in
supporting the armed terrorist groups and direct interference in
Syria's internal affairs.

The statement considered the Turkish intervention, which was made
more evident recently in the assault on Kassab where Turkish tanks
directly and openly backed the mercenary terrorists, as "another
face of the Zionist aggression on Syria" and a completion of a plot
to undermine and debilitate the Syrian state and army.

Venezuelan committee in solidarity with Arab people's struggle against
imperialism condemns terrorist attacks against Kassab town

Venezuelan Committee in Solidarity with Arab People's Struggle against
Imperialism condemned the terrorist attack perpetrated by the armed
terrorist groups against Kassab town in Lattakia province with the
help of the Turkish Army's tanks and artillery.

In a statement, the committee pointed out that these attacks are aimed
at controlling a part of the Syrian coast to open a new attack front
against the Syrian people as these attacks also reached the Armenians
in Kassab in a new chapter of genocide against the Armenians by the
Turkish bourgeoisie.

R. Milhem/H. Said /F.Allafi

From: Baghdasarian