Press TV, Iran
April 3 2014

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian has censured a militant
attack from Turkey on the Syrian town of Kasab, expressing serious
concern on the fate of hundreds of Armenians that were forced to flee
the town.

"Al Qaeda-linked armed groups have penetrated into Kasab from Turkey.

We should prevent terrorists from penetrating into Syria and attacking
peaceful civilians," said Nalbandian on Wednesday as cited in an
ITAR-TASS report.

Armenia has been doing its utmost to ensure the interests of
compatriots in Syria, as follows from the latest statements by the
foreign minister.

"About 120,000 ethnic Armenians live in Syria - in Kasab and other
areas. Military actions and the humanitarian situation have forced
ethnic Armenians to leave the city," he added, according to the report.

The top Armenian diplomat further stated that nearly 700 Armenian
families are staying in nearby Syrian port city of Latakia, noting that
"about 70-80 families have found shelter in churches."

"Ethnic Armenians in Kasab are in dire need of humanitarian aid,"
Nalbandian stated, adding that his government has sent letters to
different international agencies, including the UN over the issue.

He further praised Russian reaction to the militant attack against

Russia on Tuesday strongly condemned the brutal crime committed in
Syria by militant groups, stressing that the UN Security Council
"should discuss the massacre against Armenians in Kasab town in
Lattakia and give a preliminary assessment."

On March 21, foreign-backed extremist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda
crossed into Syria from Turkey and seized Kasab after clashes with
Syrian troops and local self-defense squads.

Armenian officials say the militants were supported by Turkish forces.

Ankara has denied the allegations as "totally unfounded and untrue."


From: A. Papazian