by Nana Martirosyan

Tuesday, April 29, 13:08

As a result of lawless actions by employees of the Yerevan Mayor's
Office, human rights of many citizens go on being broken, the statement
by Armenian Ombudsman's office says.

Citizens cannot privatize the territories used by them, as they are
often forced to wait for many years or to look for the Mayor's Office
employee which will provide personal resolving of their problem. "The
process on privatization of the territories of garages, kiosks and
other territories of Yerevan being implemented at present, may lead
to the corruption cases", - the statement says.

The reason of this is the fact that the Mayor's Offices uses schemes
of zoning Yerevan: in the one case, applications of citizen on
privatization of territories are satisfied, and in the other case -
are not. "But there are administrative districts in Yerevan for
which the projects of the urban zoning are not prepared, and in
case of availability of the endorsed schemes, the municipality
delays privatization process saying that the schemes need to be
finally specified", - the statement says. In many cases the mentioned
reasons are groundless, as the projects of the urban zoning in several
districts were endorsed several years ago, and the four-year programme
for Yerevan development does not foresee their revising.