20:03 ? 29.04.14

Secretary of the Armenian National Congress (ANC) Aram Manukyan
stated in Armenia's Parliament on Tuesday that Armenia's Premier
Hovik Abrahamyan invited the ANC party to reach an agreement on
funded pensions.

However, the party will not participate in any of the
government-proposed programs.

"We object to the proposal and our stance on funded pensions is
quite clear. We have stated that 'compulsory contributions' are
unconstitutional," Manukyan said.

"The recent appointments in Armenia's government prove the fact that
the government has not changed its stance. They appoint corrupt and
discredited people."

According to Manukyan, the government's activities are within the
frames set by President Serzh Sargsyan.

"First, they do not criticize Tigran Sargsyan's government. Secondly,
they do not make any statements on the former premier's work,"
Manukyan said.

No premier can work independently or go beyond the limits set by the
ruling regime.

"Those thinking the government will implement programs without the
ruling regime's consent are too naïve," Manukyan said.

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