18:35, 29 April, 2014

YEREVAN, APRIL 29, ARMENPRESS. The Member of the European Democratic
and Peace Majlis, as well as Kurdish liberation movement Rozhden
Yalderem did not see sincerity in the statement of the Prime Minister
of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan made on April 23. In the Prime
Minister's speech Rozhden Yalderem looked for the word "genocide"
but did not find it.

This is what made the Kurd politician angry. "We need to call things
by their names and give an answer for the crime carried out a century
ago. I did not see a big change in Erdogan's statement. If he does
not utter and say the word "genocide" that they fulfilled, that is
not a change for us. In his statement Erdogan said that the Armenians
martyred during the First World War, it is not a big change in the
position of Turkey," Yalderem said as reported by Armenpress. He
added that the ideology is led by the nationalists in Turkey and
today's state policy of Turkey is built on that ideology.

Yalderem notes that Europe's Democratic and Peace Majlis operates on
the public basis. 57 organizations are in the list of the structure,
Majlis has more than one million members.

The fact of the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman government has
been documented, recognized, and affirmed in the form of media
and eyewitness reports, laws, resolutions, and statements by many
states and international organizations. The complete catalogue
of all documents categorizing the 1915 wholesale massacre of the
Armenian population in Ottoman Empire as a premeditated and thoroughly
executed act of genocide is extensive. Uruguay was the first country
to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide in 1965. The massacres
of the Armenian people were officially condemned and recognized as
genocide in accordance with the international law by France, Germany,
Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Poland,
Lithuania, Greece, Slovakia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Uruguay, Argentina,
Venezuela, Chile, Canada, Vatican and Australia.


From: A. Papazian