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US Fresno County Supervisor Andreas Borgeas will serve as a political
observer of upcoming national elections in the Nagorno Karabakh
Republic, The Fresno Bee reports.

"In the face of opposition from Turkey and Azerbaijan, the
Armenian-populated Nagorno Karabakh is holding elections to assert
their national independence and sovereignty," the article reads. It
is also noted that Borgeas will be gone from April 25 to May 5. Two
more representatives from the US, Mexico, Argentina and Canada are
among those invited. They will assess Nagorno Karabakh's election
process by international election standards.

According to the article, in a formal invitation letter, Ashot Ghulyan,
chairman of the national assembly, said the parliamentary elections
May 3 represent the sixth time since Nagorno Karabakh's declaration
of independence that residents will exercise their right to vote.

"We see the upcoming elections as yet another opportunity to reaffirm
the adherence of Nagorno Karabakh people to universal freedoms and
liberties and therefore attach great importance to international
election observation mission," Ghulyan wrote.

It is highlighted in the article that the election comes on the heels
of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Borgeas stressed that
this circumstance means a lot. Between the Turks in the west and
Azerbaijanis in the east, Armenians are still precariously situated.

On April 23, the Board of Supervisors of Fresno County passed a
resolution officially recognizing the Nagorno Karabakh Republic - a
region historically and ethnically Armenian situated between Armenia
and Azerbaijan - and also called upon the California Legislature,
Congress and the US President to grant official recognition. The
resolution also called on Congress and the US President to officially
recognize the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Empire in 1915, taking up
the commitment to fairly presenting the fact to the decedents.

On 27 August, 2014, California State Senate by an overwhelming majority
of votes passed the resolution AJR 32, encouraging Artsakh's (Nagorno
Karabakh) continuing efforts to develop as a free and independent
nation and formally calling upon the President and Congress of
the United States to support the self-determination and democratic
independence of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. Thus the State of
California joined Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and Louisiana
in adopting legislation which supports the independence of Artsakh.


Fresno County passes resolution recognizing independence of Nagorno
Karabakh Republic

From: Baghdasarian