18:17 01/04/2015 >> POLITICS

It is no secret that many foreign fighters who fight in Syria and Iraq
have come from friendly states. Yet it is essential to take measures
to investigate these sources of income of terrorist organizations and
to take appropriate measures, Armenian MP Koryun Nahapetyan said in
his remarks at NATO's Rose-Roth seminar.

According to him, terrorist organizations cannot operate so smoothly
without stable sources of income. Nahapetyan stressed that continuous
brutalities are the message to all of us that one day they can turn
into genocide.

"It is important not only to physically resist, but to ideologically
condemn activities that tomorrow can turn into genocide. As a
nation who survived it 100 years ago and is still suffering from
the implications from the horrible events of the Armenian Genocide,
we have always clarified our position about that," said Nahapetyan.

Nahapetyan highlighted that the events in the Syrian capital, militant
and extremist attacks from neighboring countries on the Armenians in
Kessab and the other regions in Syria and later Iraq made dozens of
them feel refugee again after generations.

"In this regard, I would like to mention that this year with the
centennial of the Armenian Genocide we will commemorate the victims
of genocide and call every nation to join us to prevent the future
generations from this experience," concluded Nahapetyan.