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13:04, 10 Apr 2015
Siranush Ghazanchyan

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund is putting the finishing touches on
a community center it has built in Khachmach, a village in Artsakh's
Askeran Region. The project has been made possible by the financial
support of the fund's Lebanese, Brazilian, Dutch, Greek, and Cypriot
affiliates as well as the government of Artsakh.

By the end of May, the Khachmach mayor's office and health clinic,
which still operate out of a decrepit building, will move to the
newly constructed, two-story community center, only meters away
from the old site. The community center will also house a library,
a 150-seat events hall, and a computer room, all of which will serve
the 233 residents of the village.

Currently crews are decorating the interior of the community center,
a visually striking structure covered with local marble. The building
also features state-of-the-art amenities and creature comforts,
including central heating and air-conditioning.

"Apart from solving a host of key issues faced by our village, the new
community center will function as a wonderful leisure destination,"
said Mayor Mkhitar Ghahriyan. "Moreover, the construction of the
building in the past few years has provided numerous jobs to our

"The new, beautiful community center of Khachmach is a testament to
the community's ongoing development," said Ara Vardanyan, executive
director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. "As significantly,
the structure is a vivid example of the synergistic efforts of our
compatriots living in various countries. The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund
has implemented and continues to carry out a great many collaborative
projects of this scale, including the complete renovation of the
Noyemberyan Hospital and the construction of the Karin Tak water

Thanks to the support of several benefactors, living standards have
risen considerably in Khachmach. The community now has regular access
to water and natural gas, as well as a recently built road that
runs the length of the village. In addition, St. Stepanos Church,
a Khachmach landmark, has been rebuilt.