Aznavour, Caballé and Spivakov join "Millions of Lives" project

15:12, 11 April, 2015

YEREVAN, APRIL 11, ARMENPRESS. "Not only to recognize, but also to
prevent the repetition of history!" In April 2015 is the 100th
Anniversary of the extermination of Armenians by the Turks of Ottoman
Empire. Unfortunately, on the eve of the centennial many countries
haven't yet recognized the fact of Genocide. Being confident that our
owe to our nation is to fight against such violence, three friends
Karen Margaryan, Tigran Petrosyan and Grisha Aghakhanyan together with
KMsounds Production initiated a project to remind once again the World
about the verity of the Genocide.

The initiators of "Millions of Lives" project informed "Armenpress"
that the peculiarity of the event is that the world known figures
express their attitude towards the genocide in a unique and
comprehensible way - via song. The video clip was shot with
participation of such prominent artists as Charles Aznavour,
Montserrat Caballé, Vladimir Spivakov, Armen Jigarkhanyan, Mariam
Merabova and many others.

Within the scope of the program a video with participation of
world-renowned artists was screened. The project is quite wide and
complex in realization, as it includes shooting and recording in many
countries of the world - USA, Russian Federation, France, Italy,
Luxembourg, Germany, etc. Though overcoming all faced challenges the
team made and presents you the video "Millions of lives".

The song of the video is about the devastated destiny of a little
girl, who lost her family and stayed alone in this World. In the video
we can see the act of outstanding Armenian as well as international
artists, who are friends of the Armenian nation and who share the
sorrow of the little girl and millions of families whose dreams
vanished in the desert sand. We can't let the history be repeated. We
don't want any other nation to experience the horror the Armenians
went through. KMsounds Production and each artist shot in the video
address their message to the World: "The violence of 1915 was
Genocide. It must be recognized by the whole world to prevent the
repetition of the history".