22:38, 23.04.2015
Region:World News, Armenia, Turkey
Theme: Politics

Turkey must acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, the opera singer Maria
Guleghina, who is considered as the best dramatic soprano in the world,
told Armenian News - at Zvatnots airport.

Referring to the question on what she feels on Armenian land, the
singer said: "Emotions brim me, since we mark such a mournful day -
the 100th anniversary. I think this date must become a kind of crucial
moment so that people merely understand, accept, realize and start
living in a new way afterwards. Since basically we all need only peace,
we only need to grow children, while the spite and hatred kill."

According to the singer, at different times of history some nations
fought between themselves and were at enmity, and that was horrible.

"What happened 100 years ago is terrible. But for the sake of our
children's future, for the sake of future in general we need to merely
live and remember those who died," Maria Guleghina said.

From: Baghdasarian