by Ashot Safaryan

Friday, April 24, 17:54

The Jerusalem Post reports that MK members Nacman Shai and Anat Berko
are representing Israel at the commemoration event of genocide victims
in Yerevan.

"I am proud to represent the State of Israel and the Jewish people
at this historic event,"Shai said in a conversation with Armenian
President Serzh Sargsyan."We understand, perhaps more than any other
people, the pain and suffering of the Armenian people and we share in
this terrible tragedy with you." During her April 24 speech leader
of party "Merets" Zakhava Galon said "the delegation cannot change
the fact the Israeli government is still a part of the Armenian
Genocide denial".

"Ministry of Foreign Affairs has tasked the delegation to consider
the Armenian Genocide as a tragedy, but not speak about it as a murder
of a nation".

According to her, "the Jewish nation, which underwent Holocaust,
knows the meaning of Holocaust denial and still struggles against
that denial, is morally obliged to be sensitive towards other nations
without denying genocides that have and are taking place".