20:19 * 24.04.15

President of the Armenian National Assembly Galust Sahakyan on Friday
received a delegation of Argentinean lawmakers who visited the country
to participate in the Genocide centenary commemorations.

Welcoming the guests and thanking them for being next to the Armenians
on the important anniversary, the parliament speaker said that the day
saw the progressive mankind stand by the nation to share the big grief.

Remembering the history of the crime, committed at the beginning of
the 20th century, Mr Sahakyan thanked the Argentina for giving asylum
to Armenian survivors. He noted that Argentinean-Armenians are now
full-fledged exemplary citizens of that country.

Thanking the Armenian parliament speaker for the reception, Norma
Abdala de Matarazzo, First Vice President of the Argentina's Chamber
of Deputies who led the delegation, said they were now leaving the
country very impressed. She conveyed to Mr Sahakyan greetings by
his counterpart, Julian DomÃ*nguez, and submitted to him a copy of
a declaration adopted by Chamber on April 8. Under the document,
Argentina's chief lawmaking body expresses support and solidarity to
the Armenian community in connection with the 100th anniversary of
the Genocide.