22:07 * 24.04.15

The German lawmakers' decision to condemn the Armenian Genocide has
exactly the same effect as would have its recognition by the United
States, according to an Armenian politician.

Speaking to, David Shahnazaryan, a senior analyst at the
Regional Studies Center, shared his comments on the resolution adopted
today, as well as the US president's failure to use "genocide" in
his annual address to the Armenians.

"The [German legislators decision] is of no less importance than a
recognition by the United States. What happened in the US was what
should have practically happened. The relations between Turkey and
the US are on a very low level today, with the tension being extremely
high. So obviously, Obama was not expected to characterize the events
as genocide, i.e. - to use the proper wording, because Washington would
thus entirely lose its few if any leverages against Turkey," he noted.

Shahnazaryan said further that he wouldn't expect such a scenario
to offer any security advantages to Armenia. "I think, nonetheless,
that Obama could not but have spoken the way he did, considering
those very security interests and simultaneously pointing to the
existing asymmetry - by not sending a delegation to Turkey [to join
the Gallipoli Campaign celebrations] and demonstrating this asymmetric
attitude of his towards the two countries," he added.

From: Baghdasarian