15:00 24/04/2015 >> POLITICS

The people of Serbia hereby bring their respect and prayers to the
1.5mln martyrs of the Armenian Genocide.

Addressing the audience of international and community leaders,
including Presidents of Armenia, France, Russia and Cyprus, as well
as high-level delegations from six dozens of other nations, gathered
in the commemoration ceremony dedicated to the Armenian Genocide
Centennial at the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial, the President of the
Republic of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic said the calamity that Armenian
people were subjected to in the Ottoman Empire had been a grave event,
which needs to be sympathized and truth to be told.

"There was a time when the people in Serbia lived through tremendous
losses, amounting to the 28% of the population. Most of them were
soldiers, others were civilians, and most of them don't have graves
up until now. I respect not only our holy martyrs, but also Armenians,
who were subjected to genocide," President Nikolic said in his address.

"Knowing the undeniable truth, we have come here today to stand up
next to those who lived through that pain and pay tribute to the
memory of those who were murdered on those days," Nikolic remarked.

"We did not have the option of not coming. We couldn't have missed
coming here and paying tribute to the memory of the victims of Armenian
Genocide. We must acknowledge that it is only through our efforts
we can contribute to those universal values that are affecting the
development of humankind," President Nikolic concluded.

From: A. Papazian