15:07 | April 24,2015 | Politics

In his speech at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan, Serbian
President Tomislav NikoliÄ~G said he had come to Armenia to express
their modest but firm support for Armenians.

"Today historical facts are distorted and used for petty interests.

Legal acts are applied by double standards and turned to absurdity,
Genocide victims are presented as criminals. Could we choose not to
come here today? Could we betray the memory of millions of victims and
all those who believe that only the truth will save us from the bloody
past? No, we could not and we would not dare not to be present here,"
said Mr NikoliÄ~G.

In his speech, President of France Francois Hollande reminded that
the Armenian Genocide started with the killing of intellectuals. "We
gave shelter to all Genocide survivors who came to France with one
suitcase. The role of Armenians in France is invaluable. They have
developed our country with their talent and assiduous work," he said.

Mr Hollande said historical facts cannot and must not be forgotten.

"We do not discriminate between countries. That is why I allowed
opening the Rwanda genocide archive. We condemn each infringement
against humanity. Recognition of the Armenian Genocide does not
mean starting a new process, it means remembering the innocent
victims and excluding the repetition of similar crimes. I want to
see the Armenian-Turkish border opened, I want to see the two nations
reconciled," he stressed.

The French president also referred to the Karabakh peace deal.

"Together with our partners we will do our best to solve the problem
in a peaceful way. Peace is our motto," Mr Hollande said adding that
the recognition of the Armenian Genocide is an act of peace.