Igor Muradyan, Political Analyst
Comments - 24 April 2015, 12:53

The Armenian people are, no doubt, living through a period of
political and mental decline. Surviving the war and earthquake,
remaining in a state of economic and social collapse, the Armenian
society did not make any efforts to change their situation. The only
hope is the external circumstances which are aimed at thwarting the
national state or demonstrating the national misery.

There is no point in listing these circumstances; there is no need
to tell this to someone who does not understand what it is all about.

There are Armenians who would love to recover the lost nation state,
there are Armenians who would love to achieve the recognition of the
Armenian genocide.

Recovery of the nation state means ousting Russia from the Black Sea
and Caucasus, the international recognition of the genocide means
recognition by the United States and the United Kingdom.

No doubt both "priorities" for the Armenians could have been achieved,
had there been wish and real actions on behalf of the Armenians, i.e.

the Armenian people. The Armenians would love to be a semi-autonomous
community under the Russian boot and achieve the recognition of the
genocide with the efforts of all kinds of political and public forces
in the world.

An independent solution of these problems is not even considered
because the Armenians are not capable of creating the required
international network and get out of under the Russian boot. Nobody
in Yerevan dared to spit in Putin's face who forced Armenia to give
up on its sovereign decisions. What else can the society with such
parasitical psychology do?

Achievement of independence is possible if Russia falls to pieces as
an independent state, loses half of Siberia, and the Russians crawl up
to Europe on their knees. Russia in its present situation will destroy
Armenia as a country if it tries to get out from under its boot.

Russia must be destroyed.

It should be noted that this time Russia will not be able to recover
from its collapse to its previous state. This time the United States
and NATO became convinced that Russia is not so harmless; it needs
to be kept under rigid control and destroyed as a sovereign state.

No matter how inconvenient the West and the United States may be,
we need to confess that they are the only force which is capable of
destroying Russia. Later China will join but for the time being it
is only the West.

The Armenians except some groups are not capable of helping the
West in this noble cause of liberation of their homeland. Hence,
will Armenia be able to use the opportunity when Armenia is again
offered sovereignty?

Some people prefer talking about the new generation who lives and
thinks differently. However, the world is open to the new generation,
why would they need a miserable homeland?

It is fully understood that the United States is not a fully democratic
country because it has not recognized the Armenian genocide despite
its president's vows. The United States will somehow get over the
national disgrace due to the behavior of the liar president because
they still have illusions that they will need Turkey as an ally or
partner in the Near East affairs.

The U.S. - Turkish relations are doomed because the United States is
destroying Turkey like Russia because the two states act together in
the world and regional game which they are not leading.

The West is trying to keep Turkey in NATO as a subdued state and are at
the same time pushing it out of the alliance. The issue of the genocide
has become a factor for Turkey's containment, and everyone knows it
very well. To some extent the official non-recognition of the genocide
by the United States is a factor of setting Turkey against Russia.

At the same time, the situation is complicated because the Americans
would love to have the Russia-Turkey pair as a partner to control
the entire tandem. In the U.S. and UK think tanks, in seminars held
behind closed doors there are quite different aspects and intonations,
and one may see who is considered West's enemy and what the West is.

The international recognition of the genocide, i.e. its recognition by
the United States and the United Kingdom is possible only in case of
fragmentation and devaluation of Turkey as a whole state. The West's
game towards Turkey is mostly expressed in the fight against ISIL and
normalization with Iran. We are on the verge of grand developments,
and this is the hope of the Armenian community.

Aside from this monstrous pragmatism it is possible to offer pragmatism
of a different type which is quite logical and humane. Who will
recognize the Armenian genocide or arrive for commemoration in the
country which is Russia's vassal? It is simply improper. Almost nobody
wants to do this.

The failure and neglect of integration with the European Union and
NATO which became instrumental for Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan
could not pass unheeded on the eve of the centenary.

People condemn pessimism, they think everything is not so bad.

However, in fact, they are dealing with decoration of political
developments rather than the real politics. However, decoration is
not so very bad because everything could have been worse.

From: Baghdasarian