By MassisPost
Updated: April 23, 2015

ANKARA - Due to security concerns, the Armenian Genocide Commemoration
Ceremony organized by the Armenian Council of Europe (ACE) at Beyazit
Square in Istanbul on April 24 at 10 a.m. has been canceled.

The decision was imposed on ACE by Turkish authorities citing that
"there will be no guarantee for security measures for the event." By
traveling to Turkey, ACE desired to disseminate its message of truth
from the heart of Turkey - Beyazit Square, a symbolic place not
only for the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party, but for the Armenian
nation and Diapsora. It is on this site, where gallows were mounted
to decapitate an entire people during the Genocide.

ACE issued the following statement: To avoid any misconduct or any
pretext of misconduct that may negatively disrupt or jeopardize
numerous events organized by other organizations for the Centennial
of the Armenian Genocide, we regretfully announce the cancellation
of the commemoration in Beyazit Square on April 24, 2015 at 10 am.

We urge everyone to join our friends and the Association of Human
Rights - Istanbul at Sultanahmet Square at 11 am and all the other
events scheduled in Istanbul for the commemoration of the Armenian