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  1. UMCOR Hotline 14 Jun 2005: Liberia, Armenia, Zimbabwe(extract)
  2. CR: American Foreign Service Association Award Withdrawn
  3. Argonaut Greek Center opens in Armenian Alaverdi
  4. Armenians in Southernn Georgia protest against new electricity fee..
  5. Parliament Chairman tosses aside about possible alliance with....
  6. Ceremony commemorating Armenian Genocide victims to be held in UK...
  7. Armenian-Russian business forum began in Samara
  8. Katsu: WB has certain confidence in Armenia
  9. Armenian Speaker met with Iranian Minister of Education
  10. EU will further work for opening Armenian-Turkish border
  11. EU Summit will not discuss Turkey accession
  12. Russian Foreign Ministry: Russia ready to be guarantor of Karabakhse
  13. Zurich and Ankara discuss Armenian issue that has upset....
  14. Withdrawal of Russian arms from Georgia to Armenia will not...
  15. 'We are neighbors that have many things in common'
  16. New view on facts of Armenian Genocide
  17. Turkish press responds to Armenian Foreign Minister's Washington vis
  18. Armenia will join countries with average income in 1-2 years
  19. 'Our pieces go hand in hand and build a bridge between Armenia and N
  20. Two other Armenians elected to Lebanese Parliament
  21. Larisa Alaverdian's letter to Ara Abrahamian
  22. WB Vice-President: Cooperation with Armenia efficient
  23. Terrorism In Armenian Parliament,However There Is Nobody To Impart W
  24. Lake Sevan Level Continues Growing
  25. Ilham Aliyev Promises Status Of Autonomy To Karabakh and Makes HisAm
  26. Calmy-Rey spricht Armenier-Frage an
  27. Severe Hail In Gegharkunik Region, Armenia, Damages Roofs and Crops
  28. Karabakh Peace Process To Actually Start Only After Establishment Of
  29. Scenario and Date Of Revolution In Armenia Are Elaborated and Decide
  30. Intermediate Resolution Of Venice Commission On Constitutional Refor
  31. Alle Bundestagsfraktionen in Armenien-Debatte einig
  32. Armenian Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan Receives World BankVice-P
  33. NKR Authorities Positively Take The Mutual Visits Of Azeri andKaraba
  34. Karabakh Side Has No Special Expectations From Armenian,Azerbaijani
  35. VIII Congress Of Union Of Armenian Banks Is To Be Held On June 18
  36. NKR Foreign Minister: There Is The Same System Of Values In Karabakh
  37. TENNIS: Injury forces Agassi to miss Wimbledon for second year in ro
  38. Armenia unhappy about US State Department's report on trafficking -o
  39. MOSCOW: Karabakh electoral bloc slams authorities for "dirty tricks"
  40. European Union: Wider still and wider
  41. MOSCOW: Azerbaijani minister in Moscow condemns Karabakh cease-firev
  42. BAKU: Azeri security ministry sacks officers of Armenian origin - pa
  43. NKR: Oskanian And Mamedyarov To Meet In Paris
  44. NKR: Press Conference
  45. Change of Iranian President not to effect Armenian-Iranian...
  46. Armenia elected 60-th UN General Assembly session vice chair
  47. BAKU: Azeri authorities "disunited" in run-up to polls - oppositiond
  48. Armenian Genocide bill to be introduced in U.S. House
  49. NKR: "National Referendum" Continues
  50. Bundestag to discuss Armenian Genocide resolution June 16
  51. NKR not expecting much of Oskanian-Mamedyarov meeting
  52. RA Defense Minister met CSTO Secretary General
  53. Iran to acknowledge Armenian diplomas
  54. Karabakh electoral bloc slams authorities for 'dirty tricks' ahead o
  55. Iran, Armenia keen to expand educational, research cooperation
  56. People having Armenian relatives dismissed in Baku
  57. World Cup rights deal for Armenia
  58. Manchester: System of a Down @ M.E.N. Arena
  59. Deiss "is welcome" to visit Turkey
  60. Bordyuja met the President
  61. Ancient Mediterranean Recipe Brought To Life In NYC
  62. Armenians build new sanctuary
  63. ANKARA: Universal Ethics: No to Intolerance
  64. TBILISI: Georgian PM: Tbilisi Positive over Resumption Abkhaz Railwa
  65. Without Kocharyan
  66. Mass killer found dead
  67. Trying to approach Europe
  68. Armenia elected Deputy President
  69. Azerbaijan taking advantage of the mistakes of Armenia
  70. Schiff introduces genocide bill
  71. OSCE anti-traficking meeting discusses establishment of national...
  72. Aliyev finally invited to Washington
  73. Bordyuja in the Defense Ministry
  74. The first draw
  75. Medal of Nansen to Raffi Hovannisian
  76. Memorandum with Iran
  77. Ill people in danger in Armenia
  78. Will USA recognize the Armenian Genocide?
  79. Ex-authorities are not for the change of constitution
  80. CENN - June 15, 2005 Daily Digest
  81. ANKARA: Armenian Lobby Pushes Resolution in US Congress
  82. A Convenient Myth Through the Filter of Reality
  83. In expectation of sitting
  84. Former Soviet states might join Open Skies Treaty at any time
  85. RA Minister Of Defence Receives The Secretary General Of TheCollecti
  86. Raffi Hovannisian Awarded Fridtjof Nansen Gold Medal
  87. Armenia, UN sign memorandum to combat human trafficking
  88. Armenian president, government discuss EU integration plan
  89. Glendale: Hoover Still Impressing
  90. There is no alternative to fair elections
  91. German lawmakers to press Turkey to confront Armenian massacre
  92. BAKU: Minister tells NATO Azerbaijan worried about arms redeployment
  93. ANKARA: Armenian FM Oskanyan Calls on Turkey to 'Open Borders'
  94. Tajik newspaper looks at "conflict of interests" between Russia andA
  95. BAKU: Azeri leader vows to preserve stability, continue development
  96. Shavuot Celebrated in Armenia
  97. Relish? Bun? Casing? Where's a wiener's soul?
  98. Challenges & opportunities for democracy in former Soviet countries
  99. Tbilisi Softens Stance over Abkhaz Railway
  100. Gospel Reaching People in Iran via Mass-media
  101. ANKARA: Lebanon Armenians burn Turkish Flag and Insult Turkish PM
  102. 06-15-05 BISNIS T&T: Investment Opportunities in Armenia & Georgia(P
  103. Armenia accuses Azerbaijan of violation
  104. DUBAI: 'Confront genocide'
  105. A Note On The Classification Of Indo-European Languages
  106. Georgia: Analyst Ghia Nodia Assesses Saakashvili's Attempts ToTransf
  107. Friends of AUA Host Receptions in Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco
  108. BEIRUT: Armenians protest as Erdogan arrives in Beirut
  109. BEIRUT: Erdogan arrives in Beirut for Arab forum
  110. 06-15-2005 BISNIS Oil & Gas: Tender Opportunity in Armenia's Natural
  111. ANC NEWS: Houston Holocaust Museum Hosts Armenian Genocide Lecture
  112. ATG Bike-a-Thon III
  113. AUA Helps Establish Regional Ophthalmic Unit in Sevan
  114. ASBAREZ Online [06-15-2005]
  115. ANKARA: Turkey and EU Referendums
  116. Demand For Japanese "Nissan" Grows In Armenia
  117. Release Of Armenian-Turkish Border To Contribute To Promotion Of USA
  118. Rotation Of Armenian Peacemakers In Iraq To Take Place In Middle OfJ
  119. Armenia and Iran To Activate Ties Between Frontier Regions
  120. Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry For Inter-Community Dialogue In NKR
  121. Congressmen Radanovich and Schiff,Joined By Armenia Caucus Co-Chairs
  122. Georgian send off
  123. Voting Of Resolution On Armenian Genocide To Take Place In GermanBun
  124. Russia, Armenia discuss exchange of diplomatic missions
  125. Turkish premier arrives in Lebanon, angering Armenians
  126. Visit by Turkish premier angers Armenians in Lebanon
  127. Karabakh DM denies reports on ceasefire violation in crisis area
  128. Media advisory: news conference by Union of Armenians of Russia
  129. Russia, Georgia, Abkhazia to restore Sochi-Tbilisi train link
  130. Unseen Fellini to be shown at Procida
  131. Bordyuzha, Armenian leaders discuss agenda of CSTO session
  132. TEHRAN: Iran, Armenia keen to expand educational, research cooperati
  133. Turkish PM arrives in Lebanon as Armenians protest, burn Turkish fla
  134. Lebanese Armenians protest against Erdogan visit
  135. =?UNKNOWN?Q?T=FCrkische?= Organisationen protestieren gegen Bundesta
  136. =?UNKNOWN?Q?=22T=FCrkeireise?= von Bundesrat Deiss findet=?UNKNOWN?Q
  137. =?UNKNOWN?Q?Brosch=FCre_=22Armenier_in_Berlin=22?=
  138. Matthieu Guinard (Lycos France) : "Il n'y a pas de dumping social"
  139. Azeri leadership trying to conceal truth about NKR from people
  140. Elections in NKR directed to regulation of domestic life
  141. NKR FM possible Eurointegration: Optimistic forecasts premature
  142. EU-Turkey negotiations focused on two issues vital for Armenians
  143. Do authorities try to change status of Shikahogh?
  144. Disagreement in Turkish-American relations deepens
  145. 'Armenians trust USA because it did not sign the Lausanne Treaty,thu
  146. AAA: Armenia This Week - 06/13/2005
  147. European Commission and government engaged in delelopment...
  148. Statue of Hovhannes Shiraz to stand in Gyumri
  149. Armenia has rich history of visual arts
  150. Court injunction freezes Melkonian closure decision
  151. Iran's education minister discusses bilateral ties with top Armenian
  152. UNDP Armenia and the Prosecutor General join efforts to fight....
  153. People's Party is 7 years old
  154. Appeal to the British government
  155. What about evaluations
  156. French Help for Pipeline?
  157. Small Victories, Big Hopes
  158. The Garden Life: Ultimate Flower Power
  159. US State Department Highlights Ambassador Evans Speech
  160. CR: Honoring His Holiness Karekin II
  161. Poll fails to confirm Erdogan's words: US not well liked in Turkey
  162. MIT professor named top economist under 40
  163. Bundestag gedenkt der Armenier
  164. ANCA Launches Response to Erdogan's Wave of Genocide Denial
  165. Die Resolution Des Bundestages Ist Bereits Wieder Uberholt
  166. Caltholicos Of All Armenians Offers Patriarchal Liturgy At ArmeniaSa
  167. Armenian President Meets With CSTO Secretary General
  168. Armenian President Meets With Leaders Of Coalition Parties
  169. First Deputy Mayor Of Moscow Notes Progress In Armenia
  170. In disputed Caucasus enclave,a tense cease-fire holds but region's d
  171. MOSCOW: Azeri deputy minister says Russia's Caucasus combat experien
  172. MOSCOW: Azerbaijan's breakaway region denies cease-fire violationrep
  173. Armenian-Russian Mass Media Council Holds Constituent Assembly InYer
  174. MOSCOW: Armenians' Union in Russia marks 5th anniversary
  175. ARF Youth organization to participate in Istanbul meeting of IUSY
  176. BAKU: Aliyev, Putin discuss Garabagh conflict
  177. Azeri internal forces intend to keep public order in Karabakh
  178. British-Armenian Parliamentary Group demands that UK recognizeArmeni
  179. Armenian Defense Minister met with Moscow Deputy Mayor
  180. Joint Armenian-Russian military exercise to be held in Armenia inSep
  181. Yerevan accuses Baku in violating Conventional Armed Forces in Europ
  182. Moscow First Vice-Mayor Vladimir Resin became Yerevan Honorary Citiz
  183. Armenia to take part in restoration of railway through Abkhazia
  184. BAKU: Armenia transports cargo via Black Sea after Azeri transit ban
  185. Iran and Armenia sign educational-scientific cooperation memorandum
  186. ARF leader accuses Karabakh authorities of pushing it out towardsopp
  187. Javakhk to become independent
  188. Turkey escalates international wave of Armenian Genocide denial
  189. Baroque in Armenia
  190. German opposition leader Merkel to continue objecting to Turkish EUm
  191. Armenian Ambassador to Russia and Russian Foreign Ministry DirectorG
  192. Union of Armenians of Russia marks fifth anniversary
  193. BAKU: Azeri economy should orient towards Europe, not Russia,ministe
  194. BAKU: Azeri opposition bloc demands Public TV boss's resignation
  195. ANKARA: Turkish Army will continue antiterrorist fight in southeast
  196. Cossacks of Azerbaijan << intend to help Baku solve Karabakh issue>>
  197. Draw for 118th Wimbledon Championships
  198. ARF bureau representative: There is misrepresentation that Armenia i
  199. German parliament calls for Turkey to re-examine Armenian killings
  200. German parliament passes Armenian resolution
  201. Turkish PM: Middle East needs reforms
  202. Kremlin-linked analyst says EU constitution rejections bode well for
  203. TBILISI: Georgian Orthodox Church Calls on Religious Groups toCooper
  204. Russian budget will fix expenditures on withdrawal of military bases
  205. Armenian religious leader visits Scottsdale
  206. Armenian Korfball Gets Global Air Time
  207. ANKARA: Erdogan: We Talked Syria into Withdrawing from Lebanon
  208. Armenian leader instructs officials to fight shadow economy
  209. Armenians' Union in Russia marks 5th anniversary
  210. ANKARA: Germany to Approve 'Armenian Genocide' Resolution
  211. BAKU: Azeri FM made statement denouncing the elections to fake"parli
  212. BAKU: Azeri speaker:"Int'l organisations will not recognize parliame
  213. Azeri deputy minister says Russia's Caucasus combat experience'valua
  214. ANKARA: Armenian Bill Submitted to US Congress
  215. NICOSIA: Injunction freezes Melkonian closure decision
  216. Stateless peoples pose conundrums for great powers
  217. BAKU: Aliyev and Putin discussed NK conflict
  218. BERLIN: German parliament passes Armenian genocide motion
  219. Bundestag's Resolution Armenian Genocide"Irresponsible and Insulting
  220. 500 People Come In New Times Part Rally Wednesday
  221. Tenfold Increase In Drug Addict Number In Armenia Since 1986
  222. Armenian Chess Player Continues To Be Part Of Leading Group Of Woman
  223. Development Program Of Armpost To Be Approved Shortly
  224. Bundestag Unanimously Adopts Draft Resolution On Armenian Genocide
  225. Weak Parliamentary Position Of Armenian Opposition Prevents It FromH
  226. ANKARA: Turkey Calls for Concrete Steps from US on PKK
  227. TBILISI: UrGeorgia positive on Abkhaz railway, says PM
  228. TBILISI: Urban Service criticizes ARSI for illegal purchasing of lan
  229. Democracy's temperature
  230. ANKARA: Bundestag Unanimously Approves Armenian Draft
  231. Armenian Christians' leader to bless church
  232. Armenia urges enhancement of bilateral ties
  233. History as paranoia: Iran and the game of nations
  234. AAA: House Foreign Aid Panel Approves Nearly $68 Million For Armenia
  235. Turkei bestellt deutschen Diplomaten ein
  236. BAKU: Azeri pressure group slams authorities for "inaction" overKara
  237. BAKU: Azeri military doctrine to be ready by autumn - official
  238. Nagorno-Karabakh Youth Ngos Address The Republic's Youth Calling For
  239. Armenia and NATO edging closer
  240. Development Of Armenian -Russian Cooperation Fostered By MutuallyAdv
  241. Armenian President Hands St. Mesrop Mashtots Order To Gasprom OJSCCh
  242. Land around Karabakh not to be given back to Azerbaijan - Armenianpa
  243. Armenians protest Erdogan's visit to Beirut
  244. Deal finalized for Russian government to acquire control of Gazprom
  245. Russia to Pay $7.13 Billion to Win Control of Gazprom (Update4)
  246. BAKU: Azeri foreign minister,Council of Europe officials discusses K
  247. Turkish, Lebanon premiers hold joint news conference in Beirut
  248. German pparliament condemns 1915 killings of Armenians
  249. German parlt condemns 1915 killings of Armenians
  250. ANKARA: German parliament passes the bill recognising Armenian massa