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  1. Gagik Beglaryan: My expectations are great
  2. President Sargsyan cast his vote at polling station #9/10
  3. ANC continues recording violations in elections
  4. According to official sources, report on voter buying not grounded
  5. Process of elections more active outside electoral districts
  6. Acts of violence to journalists during Yerevan elections continue
  7. As of 12pm, ANC already records a number of violations
  8. NA deputy Levon Sargsian's bodyguards beat a number of journalists
  9. From `civilized' to `shameful': The assessment of local observers
  10. 41.66% turnout recorded in elections to Yerevan city council by 6pm
  11. 9.7% year-on-year economic decline in Armenia in Jan-Apr 2009
  12. 29.36% turnout recorded in elections to Yerevan city council by 2pm
  13. Govm't earmarks $100 mln to SMEs as part of bailout
  14. Armenia can be among countries taking advantage of global crisis
  15. Armenian CB rep wins Interbank chess tournament
  16. Armenia's trade turnover with EU $328.7mln in Jan-Apr 2009
  17. NA to discuss upper limit of budget deficit against GDP on June 2
  18. WB to allocate us $90mln for rural community development in Armenia
  19. Downtown Fresno Family Fun Bike Ride
  20. Russia-Georgia Tensions harm Armenia
  21. Ward claims junior title in Armenia
  22. PM's Congratulatory Message on 45th Anniversary of `Berd' Dance Co
  23. Police inquiring into incident with parliamentarian Levon Sargsyan
  24. Pros. General does not validate ANC reports on bribery in Nor Nork
  25. As Of 11:00am 90,450 Voters or 11.72% of Eligible Voters have voted
  26. Serzh Sargsyan realizes his civil debt
  27. All the 439 polling stations opened at 08:00 o'clock in the morning
  28. G. Beglarian says elections very important for each Yerevan resident
  29. President Serzh Sargsyan receives OSCE Group Co-chairs
  30. 29.36% turnout fixed as of 2 pm
  31. Tigran Sargsyan: I vote for stability
  32. NATO exercises in Georgia coming to an end
  33. U.S. cancels jihad conference
  34. Acting Mayor pledges honest activities
  35. Levon Ter-Petrosyan to make comments tomorrow
  36. Russia offers Baku to build nuclear power plant
  37. South Ossetia holds parliamentary elections
  38. Orinats Yerkir wants Mayor to honestly perform duties
  39. Armenian President casts his ballot
  40. Prosperous Armenia candidate hopes for fair election
  41. Yerevan holds elections to city council
  42. Year of Bulgarian Culture launched in Armenia
  43. Police follows up violation reports in municipal council voting
  44. Armenian president goes to polls, elects Yerevan mayor, city council
  45. CEC of Armenia to report on voter activity in elections every 3 Hrs.
  46. Municipal elections kick off in Yerevan city
  47. ANC spokesman: We have already fixed a number of total violations
  48. 'Orinats Yerkir' does not intend to leave ruling coalition
  49. Armenia's CEC data: 90 thsd 450 Yerevan residents, entitled to vote
  50. CSTO creates powerful mil grouping to repel large-scale aggression
  51. Gagik Beglaryan intends to work hard in case he wins in election
  52. First President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petorsyan postpones comments
  53. Incident between a parliamentarian and the head of election commish
  54. PM: Armenia needs stability to successfully overcome global crisis
  55. PM Tigran Sargsyan has voted for stability and continuity
  56. Levon Ter-Petrosyan will answer all questions tomorrow
  57. Artsvik Minasyan has voted for the sake of the future
  58. Prosperous Armenia candidate expects elections to be a step forward
  59. Citizens of Yerevan electing the first City Council
  60. Hot Line opened in view of election for Council of Elders of Yerevan
  61. President of Armenia and OSCE MG cochairmen meet
  62. Presidential couple takes part in voting on Yerevan election
  63. Candidate for Yerevan Mayor hopes for free and fair elections
  64. Artsvik Minasyan votes for national municipality and merited Armenia
  65. Election for the Council of Elders are underway in Yerevan
  66. 52.85% of the voters participated in the elections for Yerevan
  67. The voting is over: All polling stations closed at 8 p.m.
  68. Correspondent of '168 zham' confirms reports of ballot-stuffing
  69. According to the results from 21 pollling stations, RPA Leads
  70. Criminal-Exec Dept of MoJ ensures Imprisoned Peoples' rights to...
  71. T Ohanian: as of 14:00 the CEC got no serious application-complaints
  72. ANC claims of numerous violations they managed to prevent
  73. RPA leading as of 00:00 a.m. according to preliminary data of RA CEC
  74. NK refutes information about two servicemen going across to Azeris
  75. 52,85% of voters participated in Yerevan Council voting
  76. Yerevan Council elections completed
  77. Election Commission member Mkhitar Nazaryan was not beaten in
  78. Deceased Gevorg Tadeposyan reported to have participated in voting
  79. Conscripts do not participate in Yerevan Council voting
  80. Beaten journalist refused to give police testimony
  81. Chairwoman of polling station 11/04 Hasmik Ghazaryan States...
  82. City council election over in Yerevan
  83. Malatia-Sebastia was not an election but real anarchy: ANC
  84. Polls open in municipal election in Armenian capital
  85. Turnout in Yerevan election at 52.85 per cent - official
  86. OSCE mediators, Armenian top diplomat discuss Karabakh talks
  87. Karabakh mediators expect progress from next Armenian-Azeri meeting
  88. BAKU: Azeri official comments on president's "harsh" statement on NK
  89. Azerbaijan determined to isolate Armenia from international projects
  90. World's most wanted living in Australia
  91. Abu Dhabi: Switzerland seriously considering UAE for Irena HQ
  92. ANKARA: Controversy
  93. Couples Test Limits in Ayvazian's Make Me, Opening in NYC May 31
  94. A Middle East democracy
  95. Voting under way for mayor of Armenian capital
  96. BAKU: Opposition declares violations in election of Yerevan's mayor
  97. Study: Most Turks don't want Jewish neighbors
  98. Most Turks back EU entry despite suspicions
  99. NAASR to host illustrated talk on Armenians in India Thursday
  100. While US administration works for reconciliation in Iraq...
  101. President Serzh Sargsyan received the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs
  102. ANKARA: Would Turkey be in the `winners' club' or `losers' pit'