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  1. Finance Min.: Armenia not yet ready for compulsory health insurance
  2. Mika Progresstekh to enlarge cooperation in Armenia
  3. Papyan: Georgia has to give up illusions re Abkhazia and South Osset
  4. Leader of Armenian movement in Georgia arrives in Yerevan
  5. About Assassination Attempts
  6. Business sphere progress of Armenia highly evaluated in Euronest PA
  7. Of All the Candidates, Only Hovannisian Mentions Javakhk in Campaign
  8. Erdogan promised Ivanishvili to restore `Georgianized' Armenian chur
  9. Dashnaktsutyun appeals to constituents to vote on Armenia's election
  10. `Terrorist' blackmails Executive Director of Armenia International A
  11. Azerbaijanis distract from problems of poverty, focusing their atten
  12. Consequences of Genocide recognition may be grave for Turkey, Kurdis
  13. ANCA asks White House about foreign fraud safeguards for `We the peo
  14. Approaching asteroid bears no threat to people, Armenian astrophysic
  15. Atmosphere of distrust and fear to elections hit Armenian society -
  16. Over 200 Lebanese Armenians become citizens of Armenia
  17. France returns Nazi-looted artwork to Jewish owners' heirs
  18. Bankers: U.S. sanctions killing off Turkey's gold-for-gas trade with
  19. Meeting at the RA NA Standing Committee on Defense, National Securit
  20. Sharmazanov Meets With Estonia Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipot
  21. For Armenia, promising changes amid elections - Stratfor
  22. Kurdish intellectual speaks of Armenian Genocide
  23. Raffi Hovannisian denies links to Freemasonry lodges
  24. Some in Armenia know who planned presidential contender's assassinat
  25. Armenia's largest shadow economy hides within exports and monopolist
  26. Heritage official slams soaring electoral violations
  27. Gyumri's Ex-Mayor's son's another scandalous act
  28. Voter left us his fake passport and escaped- Heritage
  29. MP Ruben Hakobyan at police station
  30. PAP spokesperson says Armenia is free state with each person being w
  31. Raffi Hovannisian campaign headquarters sounds alarm on vanishing in
  32. Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office registers numerous viola
  33. BlogNews.am: A witness of bribe delivery near one of ballot stations
  34. Head of Gegharkunik village administration estimates Sargsyan at 5,0
  35. Observers of Europe in Law Association fix major violations
  36. We are not giving bribe, we are giving toilet paper
  37. Woman complains about strangers registered at her home
  38. Son stabs his mother to death in Armenia's capital
  39. Hovsep Khurshudyan: `The registered violations were in favor of Serz
  40. Observers' freedom of movement restricted
  41. Decision 2013: Certain violations transpire as presidential vote pro
  42. Armenia's police denies there are additional electoral lists ...
  43. Wet wipes erase passport ink stamps of Armenian voters : Hovannisian
  44. Decision 2013: Police warn against erasing electoral ink stamps in p
  45. Police: Do not remove ink stamps
  46. Decision 2013: Bizarre incidents of rebellion included in vote-casti
  47. Sit-in In Front Of NAS And Protest In Front Of CEC
  48. BAKU: Aylisli Controversy Reveals the True Face of Aliyev Regime
  49. Raffi Hovannisian's campaign office reports mass violations
  50. Azeri expert comments on strain in Baku-Moscow relations
  51. Decision 2013: Observer reports mass ballot-stuffing, attempt at rep
  52. Candidate Claims Fraud in Armenia Presidential Poll
  53. Kim Kardashian gets one vote in Armenia's presidential election
  54. EU looks forward to 2013 elections in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgi
  55. EU calls to accelerate Association Agreements with Armenia, Georgia
  56. Charity concert featuring Nina Karapetyan and Genrikh Petrosyan
  57. No Opposition Reps at Otzoun Village Polling Stations
  58. Observer finds pile of ballot papers in separate room
  59. Ink stamp disappears on passports, says Hayrikyan HQ coordinator
  60. Election-2013: Head of Electoral Commission just standing and smokin
  61. Important Support For Armenia
  62. Violence Against Journalist And Observer
  63. Hayrikyan performs his civil duty, votes for himself
  64. Syrian-Armenians vote for peaceful and safe Armenia
  65. Presidential Candidate to end hunger strike after preliminary result
  66. Raffi Hovannisian's headquarters registers facts of multiple voting
  67. PAP MP poses incumbent president's proxy at polling station
  68. Have 10.000 AMD and vote for Serzh Sargsyan
  69. Two votes in favor of Serzh Sargsyan cost a bag of flour in Norashen
  70. BAKU: No radical changes in Armenia's foreign policy after elections
  71. Women's Community Council of Martuni reports election frauds
  72. Armenian village heads violate secrecy of voting - opposition party
  73. Moscow stresses convergence with Iran - Russian official
  74. To Maintain The Revived Freedom-Loving Spirit
  75. State Order For Capital Construction Cut By Over Two Billion
  76. Arman Melikian and Andrias Ghukasian not to vote in election
  77. Bagratian: I would impose income tax on vote bribes
  78. Mirrors found at polling station
  79. Sargsyan's Photo Welcomes Voters at Norashen Polling Station
  80. First president of Armenia ready to vote for all seven candidates
  81. `Hot line' for reporters available on Armenia's election day
  82. Stamps are erased with a wet tissue
  83. 131 Billionaires, Including 5 Armenians, In Russia
  84. Raffi Hovhannisian's headquarters register a number of violations
  85. Armenian presidential runner's proxy reports election frauds
  86. Gyumri Resident: I am not for sale, report my words to Serzh Sargsya
  87. Andreas Ghoukassyan: It would make sense registering voter fraud, if
  88. Vardan Sedrakyan confident he'll accept congratulations tomorrow
  89. Hrant Bagratyan voted for `new Armenia'
  90. President Sargsyan has voted for secure Armenia
  91. Raffi Hovhannisyan: The Armenian nation celebrates the dawn of its s
  92. Voter ate up his ballot paper in Armenia
  93. Sargsyan HQ in Etchmiadzin Hires Taxis to Ferry Voters, Especially S
  94. 2 voters in one booth
  95. Violations via sms
  96. ICRC reps visited Armenians kept in Azerbaijan and an Azerbaijani ke
  97. Not a crack but holes are on the ballot box
  98. `I'm not for sale, give this 5000 drams to Serzh Sargsyan"
  99. Second proxy of Serzh Sergsyan dismissed
  100. `The next Karabakh cannot be permitted in Syria': Davutoglu misleads
  101. Samvel Alexanyan brings the voters to Yerevan from Akhuryan Sugar Fa
  102. Another Armenian is wounded in Aleppo
  103. Decision 2013: More problems evident with `vanishing' ink
  104. Decision 2013: First president said all seven candidates are worthy
  105. "Remember vote number 6", Sargsyan Rep Reminds Gyumri Voters
  106. Second president of Armenia not to vote for president of Armenia
  107. L'Institut du Phosphore critique la venue de Jean-Louis Debré à Issy
  108. Meeting with Georgian Armenian writers who write in a foreign langua
  109. L'aide de l'Arménie aux Arméniens de Syrie
  110. Azerbaidjan - Ecrivain disgracié : Qu'on lui coupe l'oreille
  111. Les Arméniens aux urnes pour élire leur président, test pour la démo
  112. Récit d'un exil forcé
  113. Le chanteur Armenchik a ébloui Valence- Reportage Photos
  114. Un candidat qualifie d' « illégitime » l'élection présidentielle
  115. L'élection de Daphna Poznanski-Benhamou invalidée
  116. Nouvelles nominations au Catholicossat et dans les diocèses
  117. La Turquie s'attaque à Amin Maalouf
  118. Un président par défaut
  119. Arménie : un pays oublié
  120. Un pays aux mains des oligarques
  121. Coopération militaire entre la Russie et l'Arménie
  122. Pseudo-Stability And Pseudo-Revolution
  123. Gyumri Polling Station Prez Curtails Reporters/Monitors Freedom of M
  124. Ballot Stuffing in Lori; Incident Not Registered
  125. Ballot stuffing reporting at precinct 32/5
  126. Bagratyan's Proxy Removed One Of Serzh Sargsyan's Proxies
  127. Employees of ruling party MP's sugar factory heading to Yerevan on b
  128. Samvel Alexanyan Transports `Voters' From Akhuryan To Yerevan
  129. Abrahamyan Needs Tsarukyan In The Same Role For Another 5 Years
  130. Chair of Election Commission leaves polling station
  131. Violations registered in capital's Avan precinct
  132. Pierced Ballot Box In Avan Or "New Electoral Technique"
  133. Ink again vanishes from passports
  134. Armenia elects President
  135. Hovannisian votes, says passport stamps can be easily erased
  136. Armenia President Sarkisian expected to win re-election
  137. Imprenditori Reatini in Armenia: Ottimi Risultati
  138. Voted For Armenian Musician Arto Tunjoboyajyan
  139. Sit-Down Strike At Cec
  140. Yegparian: Election Nastiness
  141. Mensoian: Do Political Parties Have A Duty To Participate?
  142. Armenia Loses To Russia In Wrestling World Cup Round 1
  143. Osce/Odihr Observers' Report
  144. Kamal Ali: After Hitler's Fall Azerbaijan Was The First Country To H
  145. Displaced Armenians Find A Home Here
  146. Armenia Poll Observers Allege Misuse Of Government Resources For Rul
  147. Sayat Nova To Perform At Arsenal Center For The Arts
  148. Raffi Hovhannisian: I Am Already President Of Armenia
  149. Incumbent Armenian President Major Rival Leads March
  150. Raffi Will Hold Rally Tomorrow
  151. Raffi Hovannisian Concerned About His Family's Security
  152. Heritage To Demand Vote Recount
  153. Raffi Hovannisian Offers Serzh Sargsyan To Cede Power
  154. Raffi Hovhannisian's Supporters Demand That He Organize A Round- The
  155. Andreas Ghukasyan: Results Of Presidential Election In Armenia Do No
  156. Raffi Hovannisian's Campaigners Preparing Papers For Disputing Armen
  157. Armenia's Three Presidents Equally Responsible For March 1trangedy -
  158. The Report Of Osce/Odihr, Pace And Ep On The Presidential Elections
  159. Khurshudyan: Raffi Received 68% In 42 Polling Stations
  160. International Observers To Stay In Armenia For Another 10 Days
  161. Alternative Statement To Osce/Odihr Eom Statement By The Citizens Of
  162. Armenia To Face Bulgaria At Greco-Roman Wrestling World Cup
  163. Heritage Leader Urges President-Elect Sargsyan To Admit His Mistake
  164. Decision 2013: Raffi Hovannisian Gives Incumbent Until Tomorrow To A
  165. Armenian Election Runner-Up Calls For Meeting With Re-Elected Presid
  166. Raffi Hovannisian Promised To Protect Votes At The Expense Of His Li
  167. Armen Martirosyan: "All Kinds Of Falsifications Were Used"
  168. Raffi Hovannisian Put Deadline
  169. Representative Of Azerbaijan'S Ruling Party: We Do Not Accept Armeni
  170. 25th Anniversary Of Karabakh Movement Marked In France
  171. Representatives Of Armenian Opposition Don'T Believe In The Poll Dat
  172. Osce Observers Criticize Presidential Elections In Armenia
  173. Opposition Candidate Calls On Armenia'S Incumbent President 'To Hand
  174. Raffi Hovannisian To Address Reporters And Supporters Today At Freed
  175. Heritage Party Promises "Apricot" Revolution
  176. Citizen Activist To Osce Observers: "Stop Legitimizing Fraudulent El
  177. Foreign Ministers Of Armenia And Artsakh Discussed Negotiation Proce
  178. Armenian Nation Will Give Its Appraisal - Presidential Candidate
  179. On Election Day Gagik Tsarukyan Was In Armenia But Took No Part In V
  180. In Well-Kept Armenian Village Aylis There Are Many Schools And Libra
  181. Iran Concerned About Certain Governments Support For Terrorism In Sy
  182. Decision 2013: Election Results Show Hovannisian Beating Sargsyan In
  183. Speaker Of Andreas Ghukasyan's Staff: Nothing Is Changed Just Everyt
  184. "The People Have Chosen Raffi As President And We Must Defend Their
  185. World's Largest Yellow Diamond Belonged To An Armenian Is Presented
  186. Armenia's Wounded Presidential Candidate To Remain In Hospital For A
  187. Armenian Activists Crash European Observers' News Conference
  188. Absence Of Debates Is The Key Problem Of Coverage Of The Campaign By
  189. Baku: Gul To Discuss Military And Technical Cooperation In Baku
  190. Osce Monitoring To Be Conducted
  191. February 19 Marks The 9th Anniversary Of Gurgen Margaryan's Murder
  192. Andrias Ghukasyan To Cease Hunger Strike At 16:00
  193. Decision 2013: Cec Announcement Met With Objection By Opposition Can
  194. "Heritage" To Consider The Citizens' Wish
  195. Clashes In Bloodshed Are Going On In Syria
  196. Citizens Lay A Wreath At The Central Electoral Commission Of Armenia
  197. Two Apply For Vacancy Of Member Of The Public Television And Radio C
  198. Armenian President Re-Elected, Opposition Cries Foul
  199. Heritage Party Spokesman: "The Revolution Is Coming"
  200. Nkr President Congratulates Serzh Sargsyan On Re-Election
  201. Turkey Enters Key Week In Kurdish Solution Bid
  202. Haqqin.Az: Azerbaijani Authorities Use Up Oil Fund
  203. Armenian Police On 24-Hour Duty At Presidential Candidate's Residenc
  204. Heritage: Revolution Will Happen
  205. Commemoration Events Scheduled In Armenia And Hungary To Commemorate
  206. Mass Arrest Of Criminal Bosses In Russia's Moscow
  207. Azerbaijani Analyst To Conduct Festival Of Armenian Films, Despite N
  208. 1,500 Shots In The Direction Of Armenian Positions Over The Past Thr
  209. Armenia's Ombudsman Says It Is Important To Provide Society's Trust
  210. Materials Being Prepared On Alarm Of Offering Bribery To A Member Of
  211. Materials On The Incident With Participation Of Mps To Be Sent To Sp
  212. Presentation Du Plus Gros Diamant Jaune Du Monde D'une Valeur De 15
  213. Presentation Of The Largest Yellow Diamond Of The World To Paris
  214. Preliminary Results Show Raffi Hovahnnisian Wins In Gyumri
  215. Parties Must Protect Voters' Choice - Arf-D Rep.
  216. How Will Raffi Handle His Victory?
  217. Authorities Changed Their Mind And Stopped Raffi's Triumphant March
  218. Murderer Ramil Safarov'S Glorification Campaign Pushed Ekren Eylisli
  219. Archbishop Aris Shirvanian To Attend Meetings In Ejmiatsin
  220. Armenian Church Suffered No Damages After Previous Day Clashes
  221. Non-Credible Activity By Armenia's Police Could Cast Shadow Upon Pos
  222. Heritage Party Claims Samvel Aleksanyan Cohorts Made Death Threats
  223. Raffi Hovannisian Campaign Headquarters. Record Of Violations As Of
  224. Human Rights Defender Calls On Police To Reveal True Number Of Elect
  225. Soprano Anush Hovhannissyan Signs Two Years Contract With The Royal
  226. Osce Pa Observers Call Armenian Election Improved, But Lacking Compe
  227. Le " Neo-Neg " Ou Le " Negationnisme So Chic " De Radio Mit
  228. L'empire Du Traumatisme: Enquete Sur La Condition De Victime
  229. Azerbaidjan: Le President Aliev Punit L'Ecrivain Azeri Akram Aylisli
  230. "Kurdistan Et Diaspora Kurde : 1983-2013"
  231. Petition Sur Le Site Officiel De La Maison Blanche Appelant Le Presi
  232. Le Parti Au Pouvoir En Azerbaidjan Aurait Promis Plus De 12 000 Doll
  233. Les Autorites Turques Sont Derriere Les Attaques Contre Les Femmes A
  234. Temoignage Secret Dans L'affaire Dink
  235. L'Ambassadeur D'Iran En Azerbaidjan : La Turquie Repand Le Panturqui
  236. Le Vote Dans Un Bureau D~Rerevan Interrompu Par Un Accident
  237. Un Electeur A Erevan Mange Son Bulletin De Vote
  238. L'Ambassade Americaine Exprime Sa Preoccupation Concernant L'Arresta
  239. Le Bureau De Campagne De Raffi Hovannisian Fait Etat De Violations M
  240. Le President Levin Questionne Hagel Sur Les Relations Militaire Entr
  241. Turquie : A Quoi Sert Desormais Le Parlement Europeen ? Par Laurent
  242. Une Cour D'Appel Decide En Faveur De L'Universite Du Minnesota Dans
  243. La Region Du Sud-Est De La Turquie Risque D'Etre Confrontee A Une Cr
  244. L'Etat Major De Campagne De Raffi Hovannissian Denonce Des Violation
  245. Sarkissian Reelu (Officiel), Son Rival Conteste
  246. Armenie : Il Mange Son Bulletin Pour Protester Contre Les Elections
  247. Armenie: Sarkissian Donne Gagnant De La Presidentielle, L'Opposition
  248. Armenie : Le President Sortant Serzh Sargsyan Reelu, Selon Un Premie
  249. Ankara: An Ethnic Lobby Pushes State Legislatures Into Challenging D
  250. Elections In Armenia: Serzh Sargsyan Gets 58% Of Votes According To