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  1. Controversy Over Pope's 'Genocide' Comments
  2. Pope Francis Angers Turkey With Armenian 'Genocide' Remark
  3. Turkey angry at Pope genocide claim
  4. Here are ten things you should know about the Armenian 'genocide'
  5. Pope Francis Recognizes Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide
  6. Turkey is not pleased with pope's Armenian 'genocide' comment
  7. New Zealand, ANZAC & the UN Security Council
  8. Turkey recalls Vatican envoy over Pope's Armenia genocide comments
  9. Pope Francis says: The first genocide of the 20th century
  10. Pope speaks out on Armenian genocide; Turkey pulls ambassador in pro
  11. Turkey recalls ambassador after pope calls Armenian slaughter genoci
  12. Kanye West performs "Good Life" in a lake during surprise concert in
  13. Assyrians Commemorate Genocide
  14. Turkey accuses Pope of 'prejudice' over Armenian 'genocide'
  15. Turkey deplores Pope's 'one-sided' genocide remarks
  16. Kanye West Gets Wet and Wild During Surprise Free Armenian Concert
  17. Pope recognizes Armenian 'genocide' likely straining relationship wi
  18. Anger as Pope calls Armenian massacre 'first genocide of 20th centur
  19. Pope boosts Armenia's efforts to have Ottoman killings recognised as
  20. Turkey's Diyarbakir city-hall uses the city's former Armenian name i
  21. Pope calls Armenian massacre first genocide of 20th century,
  22. Thank you, Kanye West
  23. Personal history: Remembering the Armenian Genocide
  24. Armenian President talks to Pope, thanks for Genocide centennial Mas
  25. ANCA statement on Pope Francis reaffirmation of the Armenian Genocid
  26. Pope Francis delivers message to Armenians
  27. President Sargsyan, top Armenian clergy attend papal mass on Genocid
  28. Chris Bohjalian urges Obama to follow Pope Francis' example
  29. The Armenian Genocide and the Middle East Today
  30. Great Britain encourages its satellites to attend Gallipoli-related
  31. Kardashian's fans make pleasant suprise for her
  32. Pope Francis calls mass killings of Armenians 'genocide' (video)
  33. System of a Down review - noir-rock epics and the history of genocid
  34. Turkey anger at Pope Francis Armenian 'genocide' claim
  35. Italians will never forget about Armenia and the Armenians, Armenia'
  36. Pope Francis on Armenian Genocide: Concealing or denying evil is lik
  37. Ambassador Tumanyan hands over copies of credentials to Iranian FM
  38. The Holy Mass by the Pope in memory of the Armenian Genocide martyrs
  39. Pope Francis proclaims St. Gregory of Narek Doctor of Universal Chur
  40. Karekin II delivers address at Divine Liturgy offered by Pope Franci
  41. Serj Tankian expresses his admiration with Pope Francis' straightfor
  42. Pope Francis calls Armenian slaughter 'genocide'
  43. More People Left Than Arrived in Zvartnots Airport
  44. Pope uses word Genocide to describe mass murder of Armenians
  45. Raffi Arzivian, après << Havada >>, le chanteur arménien prépare son
  46. Génocide arménien : le mensonge du siècle
  47. L'Incomparable Der Voghormia du centenaire
  48. Les 1000 ans de traditions musicales en Arménie ont fait vibrer Roma
  49. L'Aigle d'Arménie au Parc de Sceaux
  50. Le pape célèbre dimanche une messe sensible 100 ans après le génocid
  51. Génocide arménien, le spectre de 1915 sur France 5
  52. Télé Matin : Frédéric Gersal explique le génocide des Arméniens
  53. BFM TV- Le pape François utilise le mot génocide à propos du massacr
  54. Le pape parle de << génocide >> arménien
  55. Europe 1 : Le pape parle de génocide à propos du massacre des Arméni
  56. Libération : Le pape François reconnaît le génocide arménien
  57. Le pape François utilise le terme de génocide à propos des Arméniens
  58. Pope recognizes Armenian 'genocide' likely straining relationship
  59. Syrian President finally recognizes the Armenian Genocide
  60. Armenian FM: Armenian Genocide is the gravest international crime
  61. Armenia president: We will see who will choose human values on April
  62. 'We must build a future free of genocides' - Serzh Sargsyan
  63. Pope uses word 'genocide' to describe Armenian killings
  64. Civilians killed in Aleppo as rebels attack Armenian neighbourhood
  65. Pope commemorates Armenian Genocide centennial, calls it "first geno
  66. Remembering the Armenian genocide
  67. Kardashian sisters lay flowers at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in
  68. Citizenship Judge Babikian Receives RoA Medal
  69. Pope Calls Mass Killings Armenians 'First Genocide' Of 20th Century
  70. Pope: Armenian slaughter 'first genocide of 20th century'
  71. ISTANBUL: Pope refers to mass deportation of Armenians as 'first gen
  72. Pope describes Armenian killings as 'genocide' on 100th anniversary
  73. Pope Francis: Divine Mercy Sunday homily
  74. Pope Fancis Calls Armenian Slaughter "1st Genocide of 20th Century"
  75. Pope To Hold Mass On Armenian Killings
  76. Las Vegas Armenians remember tragic history and genocide
  77. Armenians cast close eye on papal mass: Turkey said to discourage po
  78. Pope to mark 100th anniversary of Armenia WW1 killings
  79. 100 years since Armenian slaughter, Pope remembers 'first genocide o
  80. Kanye West doing free concert in Yerevan
  81. Pope Francis Uses 'Genocide' To Describe Armenian Killing, Turkey Re
  82. ANKARA: Pope's Armenia comments one-sided and incoherent: Davutoglu
  83. ISTANBUL: Pope uttering 'genocide' angers Turks, Vatican ambassador
  84. ISTANBUL: Pope's remarks on Armenia issue irk Ankara
  85. ANKARA: Turkey recalls its Vatican envoy over 'genocide' remark
  86. ANKARA: Pope Francis commemorates anniversary of Armenians
  87. ANKARA: Turkey summons Vatican ambassador over Pope's comments on Ar
  88. Questions And Answers About Armenians And Genocide
  89. UN Chief: 1915 Slaughters Of Armenians Are 'Atrocity Crimes'
  90. Pope's Statement On Armenian Genocide, 'Politically Explosive', Arme
  91. Israel Should Recognize The Armenian Genocide
  92. Syria Conflict: A Century After The 'Genocide', Armenians Flee War A
  93. Denial Not Opening The Door To Reconciliation: Armenian FM
  94. Schiff Applauds Pope, Urges US To Follow Suit
  95. Obama's Hypocrisy On The Armenian Genocide
  96. Pope Francis Says Slaughter Of Armenians Was First Genocide Of 20th
  97. Bay Area Armenians Heartened By Remarks Of Pope Francis
  98. Valley Voice: US Must Acknowledge Armenian Genocide
  99. Reports: Hackers Hit Vatican Website Over 'Genocide' Comment
  100. UN Chief Considers Slaughter Of Armenians By Ottoman Turks 100 Years
  101. Armenian Community Cheers Pope For Acknowledging Genocide
  102. Over 1,000 Russian Soldiers Begin Tactical Training In Armenia
  103. Armenian Eye Care Project And Orange Foundation Start Free Eye Care
  104. Armenian Companies And Media Outlets' Websites Need Cyber Protection
  105. Iraq Intends To Build A Rail To Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan And China
  106. Knesset Delegation To Visit Armenia For April 24 Events
  107. BBC: Pope Francis' Declaration Was A Bold Decision Coherent With His
  108. Aram I Says All Attempts To Bury In Oblivion Genocide Of Armenians D
  109. Vladimir Spivakov To Give Three Concerts In Yerevan To Commemorate A
  110. Turkey's Response To Pope's Armenian Genocide Remark Unjustified - I
  111. Two Germanies: Researcher Looks Into Role Of German Missions In Help
  112. Founding Parliament's "Declaration": Embattled Group Seeks To Establ
  113. Turkey And The International Community Speak Not The Same Language -
  114. Turkey Uses Every Bit Of Political Leverage Against The Pope's Remar
  115. U.S. Embassy Organizes A "Clara Barton Reading Tour" Across Armenia
  116. Concert In Finland Marks Armenian Genocide Centennial
  117. Istanbul : Concert "In Memoriam | 24 Avril"
  118. PACE President Visits Armenian Genocide Memorial In Yerevan
  119. Kim Kardashian's Visit The Best Promotional Event For 'Armenia' Bran
  120. Genocide Armenien : Quand La Societe Turque S'eveille
  121. Revue De Presse N°2 - 13/04/15 - Collectif VAN
  122. Genocide : Ankara Voit Rouge, Comme Le Sang Des Martyrs Armeniens
  123. Genocide Armenien : Initiatives 2015 A Istanbul Et Petition
  124. Accord Historique Qui Cree Un Nouveau Contexte Regional
  125. Antony : Un Memorial Pour Se Souvenir Du Genocide Armenien 100 Ans A
  126. << Le Genocide Armenien - 1915-2015 >>, De Bernard Antony
  127. Les Propos Du Pape Sur Les Evenements De 1915 Sont Une Discriminatio
  128. Le Chef Des Affaires Religieuses Turques Attriste Par Les Propos Du
  129. Erdogan Condamne Les Remarques Du Pape Francois Sur Le Genocide Arme
  130. Aznavour : Un Jour La Jeunesse Va Se Revolter
  131. En Turquie, Une Nouvelle Generation Moins Hostile Au Terme De << Gen
  132. Kim Kardashian Et Kanye West A Jerusalem Pour Le Bapteme De Leur Fil
  133. JT : Le Genocide Armenien, Un Fait Meconnu
  134. Vatican-Pape-Religion-Diplomatie-Turquie
  135. Karekin II: International Recognition Of Armenian Genocide Can Contr
  136. World's Largest Media Outlets Respond To Pope Francis's Statement On
  137. Muslim Cleric Fethullah Gulen Terms Massacre Of Armenians In Ottoman
  138. Fellipe Barbosa Reads The Testimony Of Gohar Sarian
  139. Green Area Has Been Privatized: Residents Remember Mayor's Words (Vi
  140. Government Responds To Call For Evacuating Armenian Kids From Aleppo
  141. Turkey Left Without World's Support - Armenian Politician
  142. 'Wishing Tree' To Honor Victims At Istanbul Armenian Genocide Commem
  143. Event In The Netherlands Dedicated To The 100th Anniversary Of The A
  144. U.S. Should Call Armenian Genocide By Its Name: LA Times
  145. Statistics Of Anti-Virus Labs Kaspersky And McAfee: Armenia Among To
  146. City Of Ryde, Australia, Adopts Motion On Armenian Genocide Centenni
  147. Half Of The Money Necessary For Serviceman's Treatment Collected
  148. Bailiffs Deliberately Haven't Carried Out The Judicial Act Requireme
  149. Judgment To Arrest Zhirayr Sefilyan And His Friends To Be Appealed
  150. Call On Governments To Boycott European Games In Baku
  151. Fervent International Reaction May Fade If Armenia Isn't Consistent
  152. Pope Proves Human Rights, Justice Superior To Political, Economic In
  153. Armenian Intellectual Enthusiastic About Genocide Liturgy In Vatican
  154. Cher Calls On Turkish Government To Acknowledge The Genocide Of Arme
  155. Armenian, Russian Ordnance Specialists To Meet In Moscow
  156. The New York Times: Stung By Pope's Remarks On Armenian Genocide, Tu
  157. Richmond Adopts Proclamation On Armenian Genocide Centennial
  158. Vatican Mass A Landmark In The Process Of Armenian Genocide Recognit
  159. Simon Heffer: Kim Kardashian And Pope Francis Left Turkey In PR Disa
  160. Pope Francis's recognition of the Armenian Genocide
  161. Pope Francis Uses 'Genocide' To Refer To Mass Killings Of Armenians
  162. How To Keep Up With The Kardashians On A Visit To Armenia: Yahoo Tra
  163. Aznavour, Caballe, Spivakov To Feature In A Video Dedicated To Armen
  164. The Turkish Government Is Trying To Deny The Facts Established By Th
  165. U.S. State Dept. Condemns Genocide, Yet Fails To Pronounce The Term
  166. Australiam MP Says Schools Should Teach The Story Of The Armenian Ge
  167. The Boston Globe: Armenian Genocide Was Also A Jihad
  168. Artsakh Vet Group Calls On Comrades To Support Sefilyan And Others A
  169. IMF Revises Growth Projection For Armenia - One Percent Decline In 2
  170. "Armenia" Cognac Recipe Recreated At Yerevan Brandy Factory
  171. Jurgen Klopp To Leave Borussia Dortmund At End Of Season
  172. Two Armenian Documentaries To Air On PBS
  173. Iran Exported Around 400 Million Cubic Meters Of Gas To Armenia In O
  174. Turkey Will Disregard European Vote On Armenian Killings
  175. Turkey Angered By Copenhagen Sculpture Commemorating The Armenian Ge
  176. Armenian Genocide Was Ideological, Not Religious: Catholicos Aram I
  177. Dancing For Ani: Yerevan Schoolchildren "Plan" Flash Mob For Ruined
  178. Jon Dee Reads The Testimony Of Tovmas Poghosian
  179. Activists In Gyumri To Hand Over 'Present' To Russian Prosecutor Gen
  180. May Day: Communists To Hold March And SDHK To Hold Rally In Yerevan
  181. Russian Analyst: Moscow And Yerevan To Seriously Discuss The Matter
  182. Turkey's Erdogan Says Will Disregard European View On Armenian Killi
  183. An Open Letter To Prince Charles
  184. 43 States Have Recognized The Armenian Genocide. "Mr. President Are
  185. Genocide 100: Putin's Visit, Obama's Possible G-Word Discussed Ahead
  186. Kardashian's Visit May Spur Tourism Boom In Armenia - Specialists
  187. Genocide De 1915 : Programme Des Commemorations En Turquie
  188. Chretiens : Groupe Religieux Le Plus Persecute Au Monde
  189. France Culture/Sur Les Docks : Une Famille Armenienne A Lyon
  190. Revue De Presse N°1 - 15/04/15 - Collectif VAN
  191. ARTE - 28': 100 Ans Apres, Pourquoi La Turquie Nie Le Enocide Armeni
  192. Genocide Armenien : Signez La Petition#Remember24April1915
  193. Le President Sarkissian A Defendu Le Choix En Faveur De L'Union Econ
  194. Polemique A L'AN Sur Les Accords Gaziers Armeno-Russes Datant De 201
  195. Hrayr Hovhanyan Fait Un Don De 500 000 $ Pour La Commemoration Du Ce
  196. Des Membres Du Groupe D'opposition << Parlement Fondateur " Arretes
  197. Environ 3500 Travailleurs Migrants Armeniens Demandent La Levee De L
  198. Kanye West Plonge Dans Un Lac En Armenie Pour Ses Fans
  199. Centenaire Du Genocide Armenien A Nancy
  200. Genocide Assyrien : Le Martyre D'un Peuple Oublie Par Valerie Boyer
  201. Parisot - Commemorer Le Genocide Des Armeniens
  202. Ban Ki-Moon Refuse De Parler De Genocide Des Armeniens
  203. Un Financement Pour La Renovation Des Autoroutes
  204. Centenaire Du Genocide Armenien : Tisser Des Liens Dans Les Relation
  205. Triomphe De System Of Down (Photos)
  206. Washington Appelle A Reconnaître Le Massacre Armenien, Sans Le Mot G
  207. Genocide Armenien : La Turquie Au Pied Du Mur Par Valerie Toranian
  208. Dialogue De Sourds Entre Mourad Papazian Et Selcuk Demir Sur Arte -
  209. La Reaction D'Edouard Nalbandian A La Prise De Position Du Pape
  210. Argentine President Expresses 'Solidarity' On Armenian Genocide Cent
  211. US Calls For 'Full, Frank' Recognition Of Armenian Massacres
  212. ANKARA: Turkey Welcomes Palestine's ICC Membership
  213. ANKARA: Yet Another Strike From Europe
  214. ANKARA: Pope Francis Holds Service For Armenians Who Died In 1915
  215. ANKARA: Turkey FM Slams Pope's 'Genocide' Remarks
  216. ANKARA: Turkey's EU Minister Rejects Pope's 'Genocide' Remark
  217. Turkey Recalls Its Vatican Envoy Amid Row Over Pope's Reference To '
  218. Pope Infuriates Turkey By Describing Mass Killings Of Armenians 100
  219. Turkey - Armenia - Vatican - Armenians Welcome Pope's Genocide State
  220. Genocide Of A Nation
  221. Pope Francis Says Ottoman Mass Murder Of Armenians Is Genocide
  222. Turkey Protests To Pope Francis After He Brands Armenian Killings 'G
  223. Pope Tells Armenian Leader That Massacre 100 Years Ago Was 'Genocide
  224. Be As Brave As Kim Kardashian And The Pope, Mr. President: Call The
  225. Genocide And Ethnic Cleansing In Greater Europe, 1875-1945
  226. I Am Armenian: 'Aghet - Ein Volkermord'
  227. Pope Riles Turkey By Calling Armenian Killings 'Genocide'
  228. What Is Armenian Genocide Denial? 10 Facts, Quotes For The 100th Ann
  229. Pope Calls Turkey's Armenian Slaughter 'Genocide'
  230. Turkey Recalls Vatican Ambassador Over Pope's Armenian 'Genocide' Co
  231. Turkey Angry At Pope Comments On Massacre Of Armenians As 'First Gen
  232. Armenia 20th Century's First Genocide: Pope
  233. Pope Describes Armenian WWI Killings As 'Genocide'
  234. Turkey "Disappointed" By Pope's Genocide Comments
  235. Turkey Recalls Its Ambassador In Vatican For Consultations After Pop
  236. 'Genocide': Turkey Summons Vatican Ambassador To Ankara
  237. Turkey Recalls Vatican Ambassador After Pope Calls Armenian Killings
  238. Armenia Calls For Expansion Of Economic Ties With Iran
  239. Pope: Armenians Were Victims Of 'First Genocide Of The 20th Century'
  240. Turkey Recalls Ambassador Over Pope's Armenia Genocide Words
  241. Turkey Recalls Vatican Envoy Over Pope Genocide Comment
  242. Turkey Summons Vatican Envoy Over Pope's 'Genocide' Remarks: TV
  243. Nations That Recognise The Armenian 'Genocide'
  244. Pope Armenian 'Genocide' Speech Sparks Bitter Row With Turkey
  245. Travel: Trip To Nagorno Karabakh, Part 2
  246. Azerbaijan Blacklists NYT Reporter For Visiting Nagorno-Karabakh
  247. China's Construction Of Silk Road Trasnport Corridor Benefits Armeni
  248. Beirut: Tashnag: The International Community Must Reckon With Armeni
  249. Armenians Call On Obama To Honor Campaign Promise
  250. Lafayette College: Armenian Genocide Remembered