ARKA News Agency
Aug 1 2005

YEREVAN, August 1. /ARKA/. The book titled "E-Commerce" has been
released in Armenia, the author Albert Poghosyan said at the
presentation. He said that this book is aimed to disseminate the
idea of e-commerce in Armenia and to acquaint the Armenian reader
with advantages of the up-to-date network technologies.

The book, which has first been published in Armenian, discusses
in details the main terms and concepts and role of the Internet
in E-commerce, money flows in the network, the Armenian EDram and
ArCa payment systems, as well as organizational-economic models
Business to Client (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B). The
E-commerce training courses based on this book were held in Yerevan
jointly with the Armenian Distance Learning Network (ADLN) and
the US International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX). After
the presentation of the book, 30 participants of the courses were
awarded certificates. Poghosyan said that E-commerce is a new field
in Armenia's economy and is only being formed, while businessmen from
developed countries receive enormous profits through the competent
usage of the Internet.

He expressed hope that the book will contribute to the development of
E-commerce in Armenia and to the elaboration of successful projects
on the market by Armenian businessmen. A.A. -0--