Lithuania offers to train Azerbaijan military doctors

Agence France Presse -- English
August 1, 2005 Monday 12:42 PM GMT

VILNIUS Aug 1 -- Lithuanian military doctors and their counterparts
from the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan were holding talks Monday
talks on cooperation issues, including training medical personnel to
NATO standards, a Lithuanian military medical spokeswoman said.

"This is our first meeting with Azerbaijan military doctors but we
believe it will evolve into constant cooperation," Nijole Brazinskaite
told AFP.

"We are going to offer a special training programe, approved by NATO,
to military doctors from Azerbaijan and are ready to accept their
specialists this year," she added.

According to the Lithuanian defence ministry, the meeting with Azeri
military doctors aims at expanding cooperation in the field of war
medicine with countries in the Caucasus region.

Lithuanian military doctors held a similar meeting earlier this year
with medical doctors from Armenia, Brazinskaite said.

"We offered studies in Lithuania and now are waiting for a reply from
Armenia," Brazinskaite said.

Lithuania, which regained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991,
joined NATO last year.