Azeri military prosecutor's office resumes probe into 1992 Xocali massacre

Turan news agency
3 Aug 05

Baku 3 August: On 12 July this year, the Military Prosecutor's Office
of Azerbaijan resumed the criminal case into the occupation of the town
of Xocali in Nagornyy Karabakh, which was suspended on 31 March 1994.

The press service of the Military Prosecutor's Office says in a press
release forwarded to Turan news agency that on 25-26 February 1992,
the Armenian troops, the Karabakh separatist forces and the military
of the 366th regiment of the Soviet army committed a crime which can
be identified as genocide.

The Military Prosecutor's Office resumed the criminal case into
the seizure of Xocali, having re-examined the materials of the
investigation under Article 103 (genocide), 115 (violation of laws
and traditions of war), 16 (violation of norms of international
humanitarian law during armed conflicts) and 118 (military assault)
of the current Criminal Code.

The seizure of Xocali was accompanied by unprecedented atrocities -
339 residents of the town were killed, including 43 children, 109
women and 16 men over 60, 115 people went missing, 30 were taken
hostage and 421 wounded.

Moreover, on 15 July this year, the Military Prosecutor's Office
launched a criminal case under Article 103 (genocide) into the seizure
of the village of Qaradagli in Xocavand District [in Nagornyy Karabakh]
on the night of 16 February 1992. When the village was seized, 49
people were killed and another 57 local residents were held hostage
and tortured for a long time.

At present, measures are being taken to bring to book, track down
and prosecute people who committed crimes against humanity and war
crimes in both cases, the press release says.