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Aug 4 2005

04.08.2005 03:33

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Foreign Relations Commission of the Uruguayan
Parliament has again organized hearings of the issue of the Armenian
Genocide. This time Armenian Ambassador to Uruguay Ara Ayvazyan was
the main person reporting. In the course of the discussion he stated
that «the fact of the Armenian Genocide does not need proof and the
proposal is very dangerous and may turn a trap to Uruguay, which
is known as the first country that has recognized and condemned the
Armenian Genocide.» The Ambassador suggested that Uruguay join the call
of different countries to Turkey to open the Armenian-Turkish border
and establish diplomatic relations with Armenia. After the discussions
MP Lilian Keshishian noted that the proposal of Armenia produced a
good impression. «There is an arrangement available beforehand on
the content of the statement,» she stated. During the debate the
Uruguayan Parliament unanimously reaffirmed that the massacre of
Armenians is a genocide. Deputy Uruguayan FM Belela Erera confirmed
it at the meeting with the Armenian Ambassador. In the course of the
discussion of the Armenian Genocide issue initiated at the instance of
Turkish Ambassador Shorkru Tufan in the Uruguayan Parliament, Turkish
PM Erdogan's proposal to form an international commission was spoken
about. Turkey has asked Uruguay to take part in the commission work
and promote «determination of the genocide actuality.» Ara Ayvazyan
said he was concerned over the developments and made a proposal on a
meeting with commission members. As the issue referred to Aremnia,
the Ambassador proposed not making any public statements without
acquaintance with Armenia's point of view. It should be reminded
that Armenian President R. Kocharian officially turned down Turkish
PM's proposal on the forming of a joint commission, suggesting to
establish bilateral relations instead, reported RFE/RL.