Gul: We Have Been Carrying Out Multi-dimensional Works To Reveal The Truths About Armenian Issue

Turkish Press
Aug 4 2005

ANKARA - "We have been carrying out multi-dimensional works to reveal
the truths about the Armenian issue," Turkish Foreign Minister &
Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Gul said on Thursday.

In response to a question motion of Motherland Party (ANAP)
parliamentarian Muhsin Kocyigit, Gul said, "both the Turkish
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and Turkish embassies have been
carrying out multi-dimensional works to reveal the truths about
the Armenian issue. We have published a number of books refuting
the allegations of Armenians, and sent them to decision-making
mechanisms, parliamentarians, academicians, journalists, universities,
libraries and the other relevant institutions in the world through
our embassies."

"Also, books and articles of both Turkish and foreign academicians
were distributed to the relevant circles. The MFA holds a series
of seminars and conferences with the participation of Turkish and
foreign scientists in countries where Armenian lobby is active,
with the aim of informing public opinion," he said.

Gul noted, "as a member of the Minsk Group of the Organization for
Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and as a regional actor
in southern Caucasia, Turkey has been making active contributions to
efforts to resolve the Upper Karabakh dispute between Azerbaijan and
Armenia from the very beginning of the dispute."

"Turkey closely monitors developments about Azerbaijani refugees
who were forced to leave their homes due to the occupation of Upper
Karabakh by Armenia. In addition to our aid, we pursue an active
policy in order to draw attention of the international community to
the issue," he said.

Gul said that Turkey had been sending aid to Azerbaijani refugees
since 1993.

"Recently, the World Food Program (WFP) released a statement that
they needed 10 million USD to meet urgent requirements of Azerbaijani
refugees, and that despite all the aids, those refugees had still been
living under extremely difficult conditions. Our government have been
evaluating additional aids under the statement of the WFP," Gul added.