By Gohar Gevorgian

AZG Armenian Daily

On the sidelines of "Caspian Perspectives-2008" congress in Slovenian
town of Bled president Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan stated that
presently the negotiation process is being conducted within the
framework of Prague format that means stage-by-stage settlement
of dispute. Commenting on Aliyev's words Vladimir Karapetian,
spokesperson for the Armenian Foreign Ministry, told Regnum that
Armenia continually touches upon the Prague process. "We are talking
about the basic principles lying on the negotiation table.

Thus, the Armenian side has nothing new to say about the Prague
Process," he said. news agency reports that dubbing the Prague Process most
acceptable option, Aliyev expressed hope that Armenia will at last
display constructive approach and will in turn make efforts for
conflict's regulation. Aliyev also demanded to liberate "occupied"
lands without any prerequisite saying he is not going to give up his
position that is based on international regulations. Aliyev senior
did not forget to add that the unresolved Nagorno Karabakh conflict
is a source of serious threat to the whole region.

Armenian foreign minister Vartan Oskanian also touched upon Karabakh
conflict in Slovenia saying that the negotiations today are at
critical point and the world community has to do everything to bring
Azerbaijan back to realistic and constructive position for discussing
the principles on the negotiation table.

As to the meeting of Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign ministers, Tair
Kakhizade, head Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry's Information Department,
said that the meeting between FMs will be held in mid-September but
the date and place are not finalized yet, Regnum reports. The Armenian
Foreign Ministry says that information about future meeting will be
released only upon Oskanian's return.