Interfax News Agency
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August 30, 2006 Wednesday 5:09 PM MSK

Azerbaijan's non-governmental Karabakh Liberation Organization (KLO)
has demanded that the Azeri authorities launch a war against Armenia.

"The KLO demands that the authorities start a war against Armenia
in order to restore the territorial integrity of the country and to
banish the invaders from our land once and for all," the organization
said in a statement circulated in Baku on Wednesday.

"The authorities of Azerbaijan are reluctant to take any specific steps
to liberate Karabakh from occupation and to smash the puppet regime
created by Armenia. International organizations loyal to Armenia
encourage the aggressor and are making efforts to find a solution
to the conflict at the expense of concessions from the Azeri side,"
the statement says.

"Peace talks have no prospects. Azerbaijan can liberate its territories
from this occupation only in a military way," it says.

Azerbaijan lost control of Nagorno-Karabakh and seven neighboring
districts as a result of a conflict with Armenia in the early 1990s.