San Francisco Bay Guardian, CA
Aug. 30, 2006

Erin Gilley's Picks

1. "365 Days/365 Plays" Suzan-Lori Parks wrote a play for each day
of the year. They'll be performed all year by artists nationwide, and
San Francisco will be a huge part of the largest theater collaboration
in history. A stunt, but a really cool one. Begins Nov.

13. SF venues TBA.

2. Big Love Not the HBO show - living, breathing theater, with a big
prize for the ugliest bridesmaid's dress in the audience. Sept.

28-Oct. 21. Traveling Jewish Theatre, 470 Florida, SF. $15-$30.


Erin Gilley is general manager of Crowded Fire Theater.


1. Hamlet: Blood on the Brain In a nifty display of relocation,
Campo Santo transports the classic play from Denmark to our own
drug-ravaged Oakland in the 1980s. If any theater group can make
concept Shakespeare soar, this is the one - simply the best acting
core in the Bay Area. Oct. 26-Nov. 20. Intersection for the Arts,
446 Valencia, SF. $9-$20. (415) 626-2787,

2. DEFIXONES: Orders From the Dead If you've heard Diamanda Galas
sing, you've been amazed or shocked in the depths of your soul. Here,
her three-and-a-half octave voice takes on the Armenian genocide in
what promises to be a theatrical assault you won't soon forget. Oct.

19 and 21. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, 701 Mission, SF.

$15-$35. (415) 978-2787, SFBG

John Wilkins is artistic director of Last Planet Theatre.