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H.H. Garegin II Lends COAF Expertise in Construction

Architects and Engineers of the Holy See of Etchmiadzin Joined the COAF
Team to Assess the Reconstruction Work-in-Progress in COAF's Model
Cluster of Armavir

Armavir District, Republic of Armenia, August 30, 2006 ¾ Today,
several architects and construction engineers of the Holy See of
Etchmiadzin joined the construction oversight team of the Children of
Armenia Fund (COAF) to assess the reconstruction project of the Dalarik
Secondary School, currently in progress. The group was led by Dr. Garo
Armen, COAF Founder and Chairman, and the Chief Architect of the Holy
See of Etchmiadzin, Artavazt Nazaretyan. The group of experts
thoroughly inspected the reconstruction project design and
work-in-progress and made recommendations for safeguarding COAF's
construction standards, including elements of functionality and

This assessment trip to the Model Cluster was initiated as a result of
the meeting between the Catholicos and Dr. Armen, during which H.H.
Garegin II displayed an extensive personal interest in COAF's
reconstruction works and in the comprehensive rural development program
the organization is implementing in six villages of the Armavir

During an earlier trip to the Model Cluster, H.H. Garegin II had
observed the noticeable change in the life of the residents of the rural
communities he visited ¾ Karakert, Lernagog and Dalarik. Learning
about the different components of COAF's Model Cluster program and
encouraged by the results COAF had realized in a short period of time,
the Catholicos had pledged his personal engagement in assuring that the
reconstruction quality standards defined by COAF are maintained
throughout COAF's reconstruction projects.

In his remarks at the wrap-up meeting held at the Dalarik construction
site, Dr. Armen expressed gratitude for the expertise lent by H.H.
Garegin II, and instructed the contractor to immediately incorporate the
recommendations. He emphasized, once again, the importance of
continuously monitoring the work-in-progress and periodically inviting
experts for an independent assessment of the work.

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