05.08.2008 13:59 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ It is not by chance that Armenia's Serzh Sargsyan
invited Turkish President Abdullah Gul to watch a World Cup qualifying
game between the Turkish and Armenian teams due in Yerevan on September
6 August by, Trend Azeri news agency reports.

"Actually, Armenia's move may drive Turkey into a corner. Gul's
rejection to visit Armenia may be evaluated as unavailability to launch
a dialogue with Armenia, while Armenians consider the possible visit
of Turkish President as the start of dialogue between the countries...

Serious popularization was carried out in Turkey before Gul was
invited to Yerevan. Dismissal of Pf. Yusuf Halacoglu, head of the
Turkish Historical Society, who attempted to prove the claims of
Armenian genocide as false, gave an impetus to further disseminate
the Armenian propaganda in Turkey...

Another evidence of development of relations between Turkey and
Armenia is opening of the Armenian language and literature faculty
in one of Nevsehir Universities.

Turkish Ministry of Education has established the faculty upon receipt
of official permission from the Foreign Ministry, Pf. Mehmet Metin
Hulagu was quoted as saying to Habertime news agency.

The faculty would play a role of bridge between the two countries
Taking into account that there are few specialists in Turkey, who
can speak Armenian, such specialists will be attracted from Armenia,
according to him.

It would be naive to interpret actuation of the Turkish-Armenian
relations as accidental. The European Union is also interested in
normalization of the Turkish-Armenian relations and opening of borders,
which is the EU's main demand from Turkey.

All the aforesaid make us think that the deadlock between Turkey and
Armenia is broken. Armenia's glory depends on Turkey, which is facing
another historical choice," the article says.