12:00:30 - 01/07/2009

The Armenian National Congress (HAK) issued a statement, which runs
that due to the policy of the Armenian criminal regime the Armenian
economy keeps declining. According to the data of January-May,
the Armenian GDP has decreased by 15, 7 percent, construction by
50, industry-10, export- 50 percent and so on. The decline of the
Armenian economy, according to the HAK, is 5, 5 percent more than
the decline caused by the global economic crisis and twice bigger
that the index of the CIS countries. The indexes of the Armenian
economic decrease surpasses even the predictions of the IMF, which
predicted a decline of 9-9, 5% for Armenia. As the Armenian National
Congress states the crisis in Armenia is little determined by the
global economic crisis, but with the policy of Armenia in the past
ten years, with the violation of the constitutional right for free
economy, free competition and property, with the establishment of
illegal oligarchic monopoly etc.

The HAK states that the regime is not worried by lessening the
impact of the economic crisis, but by the opportunity to rob the
country again.