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Aug 6 2009

Armenian Government is responsible for the economic crisis in Armenia.

Gurgen Arsenyan, the leader of United Labor Party of Armenia,
stated that Government failed to implement the anti-crisis policy. He
underlined that already informed the RA President in the presence of
Tigran Sargsyan of the fact. Arsenyan regards Government activities
as a "smoke curtain". "One should work or struggle against crisis
this way," he added.

Former RA Prime Minister Hrant Bagratyan outlined Armenian Government
has no actual anti-crisis program at the moment. To avoid crisis
one should boost demand, not supply, whereas Armenian Government
aggravates crisis by boosting supply, that is they should have
stimulated consumers instead of producers.

Crisis in Armenia is caused by Global crisis only for 9%, while the
rest 91% is a result of Armenian Government's foolishness.

Former Prime-Minister discredits that real crisis decline totals 30%,
not 16.3% in Armenia.

Bagratyan added that crisis worsened due to Robert Kocharyan's
errors. "There were some rules in that period, however Armenia will
have to pay another 30 years for Kocharyan's malfeasances," Former
Prime Minister concluded.