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17:27:34 - 17/08/2009

Now is "dead season" of the political life in Armenia. Remarkably cool
summer is the best time for the Armenian political class to forget
about obscure insults of foreign political nature and "rinsing brains"
on the eve of new Yerevan intrigues. Perhaps the most effective and
adequate behavior of the Armenian political class would be permanent
vacation, always, until they serve their full "term". Moreover, the
viewers would also be in constant vacation drowsiness. Generally, in
terms of national security it would be useful if the political class,
including the parliamentarians, kept away from politics.

Apparently, however, someone is interested in stirring public moods,
imposing public moods in Armenia, imposing absolutely invented
and fantastic topics. Especially the so-called Regnum news agency
is interested in this, which floods readers with materials with a
distinct purpose, the authors of which are either Azerbaijanis or
Russians who are introduced as political experts or analysts. These
publications aim to hold the Armenian readers in constant fear,
creating an atmosphere of psychosis, lack of confidence in the behavior
of Russia as Armenia's partner, the indisputable military advantage
of Azerbaijan, the geopolitical doom of Armenia, the inevitability
of rapprochement of Russia and Turkey.

Such publications are naturally in the interests of Russia and intend
to pressure on the Armenian society, annihilating resistance to foreign
pressure regarding the Karabakh issue. It should be noted that Regnum
and its sputniks managed to create such an atmosphere in Armenia,
and those in Moscow who had ordered this provocation can celebrate
another information victory on the Armenian political class. All
this jabber is far from being true, Azerbaijan has no chance for
military success and expectation of Ankara's or Moscow's approval
for a possible military adventurousness. Regnum is not limited to its
resources and multiplies its possibilities by creating new websites in
Armenia which aim to invade the information sphere in Armenia and in
the Caucasus. Surprisingly, no national or other mass media, including
the electronic ones, wish to hit these provokers on the hand who feel
to be so privileged in our country. Regnum acts both in Armenia and
the Russian camp. What is this if not social and political harm?