Yeni Musavat, Azerbaijan
Aug 29 2009

Former Azeri presidential aide warns against Russian military attack

A former aide to the Azerbaijani president has said that Russia may
attack any time and has urged the authorities to invite Turkish troops
into the country, opposition daily Yeni Musavat reported on 29 August.

Vafa Quluzada, former aide to the Azerbaijani president and prominent
political analyst, believes that Russia may attack Azerbaijan any
time: "Armenia and Russia held military drills in Azerbaijan's
occupied districts several months ago. They are ready to attack. Along
with Armenian troops, Russian troops are on the front-line. Let
everyone know that Armenian-Russian military units stationed on the
front-line are waiting for the order to attack Azerbaijan."

Quluzada called for international reaction to what he described as "a
Russian threat": "Turkey and the USA should urgently react. Let the UK
know that if things continue this way, Russia will force British
Petroleum out of Azerbaijan. So, let them not remain indifferent
towards Russia's actions."

"I have called on the Azerbaijani and Turkish authorities to deploy
one or two Turkish [military] divisions in Azerbaijan," Yeni Musavat
quoted Quluzada as saying.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress