, Armenia
Aug 30 2009

President Sargsyan conducted a working meeting with the leadership of
the Ministry of Defense.


The President of the Republic of Armenia, Commander-in-Chief Serzh
Sargsyan conducted today a working meeting with the leadership of the
Ministry of Defense.

The Chief Inspector of the Armed Forces Michael Haroutunian reported
on the results of the inspection conducted in one of the army units in
accordance with the inspection plan for 2009.

The results of the inspection were thoroughly discussed by the
participants to the meeting in the ensuing deliberations. President
Serzh Sargsyan gave out concreted tasks and specified the time frame
for their fulfillment.

Noting, that he has been conducting regular meetings with the Minister
of Defense and the Chief of Staff and that he is well aware of the
existing problems, the President of Armenia at the same time expressed
readiness to listen to the generals and officers present at the

Stressing the importance of raising combat readiness of the troops and
steadfast work aimed at the constant development of the armed forces,
Serzh Sargsyan said that the defense system must be in line with the
contemporary requirements and must improve constantly.

`In negotiations the leadership of the country speaks from the
position of confidence and dignity and that confidence and dignity are
provided by you, by the army ` our most consummate structure,' the
President of Armenia said.