Aug 30 2009

A bare-faced Kim Kardashian not a hit with fans

August 30, 3:25 AMEntertainment News Examiner Ellen Stewart

Socialite Kim Kardashian has faced criticism her beauty may not be so
spectacular after the self-proclaimed 'Armenian princess' stepped out
of a Los Angeles hair salon minus her usual make-up.

Picture below.

The fresh-faced reality star stared disapprovingly into the camera
lens of paparazzi as she clutched her cell-phone and headed toward her
vehicle, appearing unimpressed to be photographed without her face on.

Kardashian, who shot to fame after the release of her sex-tape with
rapper Ray-J, stars in the reality television program Keeping Up With
the Kardashians and has been the subject of plastic surgery
speculations, including suggestions she plumped her now famous rear
end with butt-implants.

The daughter of deceased lawyer Robert Kardashian recently dyed her
dark brown locks a golden blonde, said to be a therapeutic method of
dealing with her break-up from long time boyfriend Reggie Bush.

A bare-faced Kardashian has not gone down well with fans, while gossip
bloggers claim the natural face of the starlet 'hurts their eyes."

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