2010-07-27 16:59:00

ArmInfo. Fifteen cases of death of people were registered since
the beginning of a swimming season by Armenia's Emergency Ministry,
commander of special water rescue detachment of Armenia's Emergency
Ministry Samvel Lazarian said at today's press-conference.

To note, the given statistical data concern only the cases when
rescuers were attracted to save the people or withdraw bodies from
water. Six of the indicated fifteen tragic incidents happened in lake
Sevan (1 local fisherman and 5 holidaymakers died), the rest of the
cases happened in regions. Moreover, water rescuers saved 16 people,
including several children from an overturned water cycle. In 2009,
EM registered 5 cases of death of people in lake Sevan and 4 - in
regions, 23 people were saved. Major part of tragic events falls on
evenings, and mostly drunk people are victims in such cases.

Currently, Armenian Emergency Ministry set up a duty at lake Sevan:
37 employees in 19 points carry out duty from 9:00 AM before dark.

According to S. Lazarian, the situation in regions from the viewpoint
of control is worse than at Sevan. So, less people were drowned in
lake Sevan than in water reservoirs in regions over the last two years.

In general, S. Lazarian said, the situation in the republic from
the viewpoint of the number of tragic incidents in water strongly
differs for the better both from other countries and in Armenia of
Soviet years.

From: A. Papazian