There is less possibility that Azerbaijan and Georgia will join NATO
anytime soon, US analyst on Russia and South Caucasus and Director
of Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies at the University of
Michigan Ronald Grigor Suny told Azerbaijani news agency APA.

"Since the Russian-Georgian war there is much less possibility of
Georgia or Azerbaijan joining NATO. With Russia prepared to move
across the Caucasus, and the South Caucasian states being relatively
weaker than Russia, it is unlikely that NATO would have a meaningful
presence in the region. If NATO was imaginative, it would expand in
one particular way - make Russia a member! This way an alliance that
was formed against the Soviet Union would turn into a collective
security pact to deal with conflicts among its members," said he.

Asked what Russia and US could do in order to cooperate in the
region of South Caucasus, Mr Suny said: "Both Russia and the US want
to cooperate. South Caucasia is an area of considerable conflicting
interests between these two powers. The United States has pulled back
a bit from its fairly expansionist policy of global hegemony during the
Bush administration, so the door has opened a bit for better relations
with Russia. Together the US and Russia could show their good will and
the advantages of cooperation by solving one of the regional conflicts,
perhaps the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Karabakh. It is time
for some creative thinking... and compromise from all sides."

From: A. Papazian