"Whatever ruling the Hague international court would reach we would
in any case continue to fight for the self-determination of Karabakh.

This [the court ruling], as the saying goes is a triviality, but a
pleasant one, i.e. there is some precedent, and there is at least
a moral motive for us to continue that fight," head of Sociometer
centre, sociologist Aharon Adibekyan said in a press conference today.

According to Adibekyan Armenia and Karabakh should file what he called
a "civilized divorce," explaining that Armenia should withdraw from
the negotiation process, allowing Karabakh and Azerbaijan to solve
the conflict themselves.

"In fact, we should not pay attention to Kosovo's precedent, and I
remain in the opinion that Armenia must withdraw from that process
allowing Karabakh to come in common terms with Azerbaijani; if they
do find ways of [co]-existence, Armenia will be in favor [of that
agreement] and [they] would file a civilized divorce. When a couple
leaving together for a long time, decides one day to divorce, [they]
agree upon how to divide the property," explained he, adding that
this scenario does not pose any threat to Karabakh people as long as
the Armenian troops are there.

Further Adibekyan said he was sure that 90 per cent of people Karabakhi
would agree to his scenario should a poll be conducted over the issue.

From: A. Papazian