July 28 2010

Matthew Bryza Armenians continue showing resentment over nomination of
Bryza's candidate for position of US envoy in Azerbaijan, attributing
new 'mistakes' to him.

This time it was the publisher and editor of the Californian courier
Arut Sasunyan who made a resented speech. In his article he again
quotes the ANCA statement, in which the committee of American Armenians
urge the Senate to pay attention to some 'dubious' moments in the US
diplomat's biography.

Though Matthew Bryza refuted almost all accusing statements during
the hearing in the Senate, Sasunyan is not satisfied with such a
state of affairs.

Now the diplomat is accused of "having buried" all Armenian patriarch
sclerosis-patient Mesrop in his speech.

'Bryza said with pride that for his wedding he invited people whom
he met during his activity including state officials, diplomats,
heads of public and religious organizations from Turkey, Azerbaijan,
Armenia, Cyprus and Greece. Among guests, he mentioned 'late Armenian
patriarch Mesrop. The Armenian patriarch is alive though suffers from
sclerosis', Sasunyan said with regret.

He is surprised at the fact that Bryza who invited Mesrop for the
wedding party did not show any interest in his health.

Has Sasunyan himself showed any interest in the health of all those
who were present at his wedding?

Nonetheless, it should be noted that the campaign of the US Armenians
to 'blacken' Bryza's image for which several millions of dollars
were spent has failed. Bryza has responded to all accusations,
President Obama has not rejected his position, while the Senate
acts under the procedures without paying attention to the "weeping"
of the Armenian lobby.

It is also noteworthy that despite failing in black PR, Sasunyans
and other ANCA members are trying to change the situation and present
Bryza's appointment as an unsuccessful adventure and an obstacle in
improvement of relations between the United States and Azerbaijan.

'Bryza is a rudiment of Bush's administration with an arguable past.

He is rather an obstacle for Obama and the United States. Bryza has
been in Washington for long months hinting that he will soon become the
ambassador in Azerbaijan. A year has passed since he was nominated,
which means serious problems including those related to Bryza's role
in the Russian-Georgia war, Azerbaijan's protests in connection with
his support to the Armenian-Turkish process, accusations of abuse of
powers at his wife's office, as well as wedding costs. Considering
all these circumstances, Bryza's candidacy cannot be nominated for
the ambassador', Sasunyan said probably considering that the black
PR campaign must continue.

Well, let's wait for the new statement of the congress of American
Armenians in which this time the minuses of Bryza's appointment for
position of ambassador in Baku will be "analyzed" through the prism
of US and Azerbaijani geopolitical interests.

Well, this time we will not be surprised if anyone who states
Azerbaijan's importance as the US ally will be accused of betrayal
in terms of geopolitical interests.

We have already faced these statements by Armenians on the example
of George Friedman, who was accused of all sins for his article.

From: A. Papazian