July 29, 2010

The Hague Court's ruling on Kosovo's declaration of independence has
caused tension between Armenia and Karabakh, according to Head of
"Sociometer" Sociological Center Aharon Adibekyan.

According to him, the Karabakh people expected Armenia to appeal to the
Hague to recognize Karabakh's independence, but according to Aharonyan,
"it is clear that Armenia won't take that step."

According to the sociologist, the reason for the tension is that
Armenia is Karabakh's only hope and warrantor. "As one Karabakh
official told me, they are neither afraid of the Turks, nor NATO. They
are afraid that Armenia may leave Karabakh as a part of Azerbaijan
for certain motives."

According to Aharon Adibekyan, all experts realize that Azerbaijan will
never forcefully get Karabakh back and that no power can force the
people of Karabakh to stay a part of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani
know that as well. "Their hope is that the great powers will force
Armenia, Armenia will force Karabakh and Karabakh will support the
solutions which will favor Azerbaijan."

During the NKR parliamentary elections, Aharon Adibekyan conducted
surveys and found out that 85% of the people of Karabakh see an
independent Karabakh. However, according to the sociologist, the only
way to reach independence is for Armenia to move out of the peace
process and 90% of the people of Karabakh are in favor of that.

"We come out of the process, accept Azerbaijan's territorial
integrity, Karabakh is a part of Azerbaijan de jure, let this part
go and negotiate, come to terms with the Azerbaijani community and
if they come to terms, Armenia will be in favor; if not, there will
be a polite split," said the sociologist.

From: A. Papazian