Aysor, Armenia
July 30 2010

Mathematical Kenguru contest's winners to travel to Bulgaria

Winners of the International Mathematical Kenguru Contest will receive
tickets to Bulgaria for taking an ease in the international summer
camp, told media the press office of the Ayb Educational Foundation.

In this connection, VTB-Armenia Bank will hold a meeting on August 2
at 1:00 pm local time, to award the tickets to Bulgaria to the
winners. Bank's General Director Balery Ovsyannikov will congratulate
the eighth grade students Edgar Minasian from Yerevan and Abram
Grigorian from Vanashen village of Ararat region, and will handed them
over the tickets to the summer camp.

An interesting excursion to Treasurer's office of VTB-Armenia Bank
will also be offered to the winners.

TheInternational Mathematical Kenguru Contest has been held in Armenia
for the second time and is supported by Ministry of Education and
Science of Armenia.

From: A. Papazian