Aysor, Armenia
Aug 14 2010

Armenian rescuers fight fires in Mordovia

A huge and dangerous fire is burning in the state reserve park after
P.Smiridovich close to Sarov nuclear center, in Mordovia, Russian
media reported.

Under circumstances of no rains, and despite the heat is a little low,
several thousands professional rescuers and volunteers can't take the
situation under the control.

A spokesperson to the Ministry of Emergency Affairs of Russia told
media that 5 huge fires were registered in 4 municipal centers of
Mordovia - Temnikovsky, Tengushevsky, Krasnoslobodsky and Atyurevsky.

It's worth mentioning that 28 Armenian firefighter are in the team
fighting the fires in Tengushevsky region, in particularly, in
villages of Ivanovka and Klemeshi.

From: A. Papazian