Turkish delegation asks US administration to 'intervene to revitalize'
reconciliation with Armenia

10:59 - 28.08.10

A Turkish delegation headed by Turkey's Deputy Foreign Minister
Feridun Sinirlioglu went to Washington this week with a range of
issues on the agenda, reports Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review.

Among other things the delegation discussed with the US administration
also the Turkey-Armenia reconciliation process with the Turkish
diplomats asking the US to intervene to revitalize the process.

Also Turkish officials have asked the United States administration to
increase its pressure on Congress to approve a pending arms sale to
Turkey, which needs arms in the fight against terror, according to
diplomatic sources.

According to reports, the U.S. Congress suspended the process of
important arms sales to Turkey following the country's no vote at the
United Nations Security Council over imposing a new round of sanctions
on Iran. A number of Congressmen later signed a joint statement urging
the administration to review its state of alliance with Turkey.

The Turkish delegation realized that some members of Congress had
little information about the content of the Tehran Declaration and how
the process was brokered with the approval of the permanent members of
the U.N. Security Council, including the U.S.

`We have realized that we should inform members of Congress better on
Turkey and current issues. To this end, we will send delegations to
the U.S. Congress after Congress elections in November,' a source

`Turkey's objective was and is not to defend Iran but to solve the
problem through diplomacy,' the delegation told their American

Regarding the sanctions to be imposed on Iran, the Turkish delegation
repeated its commitment to the U.N. resolution and said it would
implement it. However, the Turkish diplomats underlined the close ties
between Turkey and Iran and made it clear that Washington's unilateral
sanctions would not be endorsed by Turkey.


From: A. Papazian